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Serious tori for town oh. How many of you have been following "mama all things white" 40 million naira fraud drama lately??
Shii is crazy yeah? The latest gist pertaining to the whole case is that one of her sales rep by name Chuks Pearl Nnaemeke Ogonna allegedly conspired to steal our dear Dencia's money she finished making from bleaching half of the continent.

According to Dencia, this so called Sales rep conspired to steal approximately 40 million naira (Jesus Christ of Africa!) from her and her "Whitenicious" cream brand. She said that Pearl in 2014, precisely between August and towards the end of that year, reported sales of 6,259,089.49 million naira while in 2015, it was 27,987,658.8 million naira and over 8.1 million naira so far in 2016. Ha! Chineke plenty people are really bleaching the darkness of the souls oh not skin again. See money made from bleaching cream!! Issokay. Let me continue my story.

So this whole money was given to Aunty Pearl to keep in her possession and out of the money, about 5 million naira was used for approved expenses and running errands. *scratches head*.  Mama white Africa said she had never met this her sales rep until she visited Naija in 2015 and even defended the girl when she had that her public wahala with poko baby Tonto Dikeh.

As if the funds embezzled no do, another $15000 (please someone check it with our exchange rate now) was given to Pearl so as to secure a location for a boutique Dencia intended opening to sell fashion items in Abuja.

Dencia's eyes finally opened korokoro when she took the babe's phone to try to convince her boyfriend then not to break up with her via text message. Lo and behold, she saw the text messages between Pearl and her oga at the top Akinlonu Abiola Monolaji where they were planning and skimming to steal her credit cards and bank information to buy cars. Olorun!! When she confronted this conniving rep, the girl confessed oh to everything  and could not even give coorect account of all the money. She even claimed she gave some as loan to her mother (about 3 million naira) and her manfriend got ten million naira plus 13 thousand dollars. Please are you people still calculating this thing for me?

Dencia went further to say that Pearl even explained in her texts how she was buying all the moet and henny and other expensive drinks you can think of; living life to the fullest with her hard earned bleachin money *I'm in tears* despite all the kindness shown to her. Chei God! Denica notwithstanding, housed and fed her and never attacked her verbally or physically even though she was pretty mad at her. Ha Aunty Dencia you have heart oh. Ya very nice. All that was on her mind, according to Dencia was just to get back all her money and send the girl back to her residence in Kaduna, Nigeria. She says she doesn't want Pearl to go through American prison system (ah but that their system too good compared to ours sha) as her family doesn't have enough money to help themselves talk less of getting good lawyers abroad. That's not all, she didn't feel safe about Pearl being in California as she didn't trust her.

Dencia also said she has asked her attorney and other law enforecement agencies to assist her in recovering her stolen funds and would no longer make any further comments on the issue no matter what her family says. She really trusted Pearl oh and didn't see anything wrong in entrusting her with the money that she wanted to use to set up "Rodeo drug store" since she was always traveling.

I won't lie, I feel bad oh for her....hopefully she gets everything back. Stilllll, lemme treat myself to this hot cup of tea and continue minding my business. Hehe, thoughts??