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Alright we know Drizzy just dropped his album VIEWS that we've so been waiting for. And trust me, it was worth the wait. The album is sick with many people saying it's probably his best album yet, may be even better than Kanye's Life of Pablo album. It featured Rihanna, Future, Nigerian's own Wizkid, Kayla, Division, etc.

Well if you've really listened to the whole album, then maybe you could help us figure this out. Did Drake by chance make hints that he was with the "work" singer Rihanna in his song "Hype"? Here's the line that scratched our ears.."They want to be on TV right next to me, you cannot be right here next to me, don’t you see Riri right next to me?"

The song Hype dotes on how people are trying to reap off his hard work and all he's got and how ladies/females want to by his side but unfortunately for them, that spot belongs to just Rihanna and Rihanna alone.

Okay so what's the deal? Are these two together for reals or it was just some "Hype"?
You can download the album right here