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I used to think that people would just go out of their way to do something really nice for each naïve I was. In fact I must have been seriously deluded. Even blood relatives would not up and give you free stuffs without having at the back of their minds that they would come knocking for pay back one day.

Today though, the matter on ground is the "The Art of Receiving without giving back"...especially accepting gifts and other forms of assistance from guys. I agree that there are few that are actually being nice from the goodness of their hearts; but leave matter for Mathias, no guy does "Father Christmas" again like that.

If a guy buys you stuffs, pays for some bills, sends you airtime from time to time even without you asking, and when you're like "why you doing all this?, blah blah blah" and the bros in question is like "I don't want anything from you, only trying to help out/you deserve more/I just care, no strings attached"...sisteh issaallllliieee ohhhhh!! He doesn't want anything from you now because he's laying foundation and strategizing how you would pay back all his favors. No strings attached because he knows sooner or later he'd be very much attached to your G-strings whether you like it or not.

And truth is deep down in our minds as girls, we already know that a guy cannot just be doing stuffs without having anything in mind....but we'd be like "He already knows nothing would happen" or "I never begged or asked him". Chai God! Please if you're into this habit, stop oh! Hmmm...because when the day of reckoning and judgment shall come and you mistakenly jammed the wrong type of guy, nne you will vomit everything he gave you either in cash or kind; well he would likely collect in kind.

So my people, don't think you'd be able to pull a fast one. Awoof  has been purging people and will continue to purge! Trust me I know for sure. No one guy would give you heaven and earth to remain in the friend zone....the worst in confining him to brother zone sef. You never start. You would explain whether both of you share the same parents or keh (ABIA). Awoof almost purged me early this year because I felt I already laid ground rules and thought the oga was just a very nice fellow that only wanted to be a good friend...Oh chi  m; no lie im nice oh...but nothing ever goes for nothing...for in receiving there must be giving; if not now, at a time you would never hexperrit!

In line with this post, please some mysterious person has been sending me airtime oh. I'd sleep only to wakeup with sms that so, so and so amount of airtime has been transferred to me and I have a new balance. Abeg oh, I don't know you.....but I just want to believe that you are a distant admirer and airtime philanthropist. I'm very thankful and grateful for it...I won't even mind if you keep sending (who no like better thing), but I take God beg you...this awoof should not give me endless diarrhea. I'm pleading now oh...because the way plenty people are set up these days.....afraid is catching me.

LOL....on that note, I don sign out. And yes, do talk with Krystal ;) :*


  1. Anonymous4/4/16 14:58

    ��������please I can't stop chopping awoof

  2. But I like giving without receiving��sometimes. I promise Kris my awoof won't purge you

    1. Lwkmdh. Abeg I no chop. This airtime own is still giving me sleepless nights and the person never come dey collect sef

  3. Hahaha G string attachment lmao. Babe true talk oh

  4. LMAO!!! As the bible said... EVerything in moderation.... And in the same bible there is time for sowing and reaping, or should i say RECEIVING AWOOF and GIVING!!>>>lmao


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