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Holla! Happy mid week darls...and yea Happy 4/20...Cannabis Day abi? All them Royal Highnesses I hail thee oh...

To the matter of the day. It's very common practice for girls to just quickly put a brother in the no-dating zone. It's not enough for them to friend zone you...they would now label you elder or kid brother. I know how guys feel when this type of thing happens to them. What they don't know is that when girls zone them, they have the upper hand to just keep you forever in that zone and still receive all the love and affection you're willing to lavish on her.

Now dear boys and men, because of how much I care for's what you have to do. Never let a girl zone you first. You'd never leave it. You'd always drive her to the bobo that's sharp enough. If you're pretty close with a girl already and you want to upgrade, sister zone her first. Girls hate that it can paaaaiiiiinnnnn them to bone marrow. Sister zone her and watch her try to break out of that sibling zone to become the girl you already love and want to be with. Trust me, you won't need to do anything at all. She says you're just a friend, nna tell her you've always seen her as your younger sister. The look of dismay on her face would be priceless. You've already started laying the foundation. She'd be low key plotting in her mind, wondering if you're really serious and why you would think of her as someone that nothing can never have bedroom shenanigans with you.  Be the one with the upper hand. It works like magic. Once you let her have that room to be able to categorize your relationship before you can make your move, kiss what ever plans you had of getting together with her goodbye. Once you're a brother'd always be 'Brother John". Upgrade to the dateable guy. Be the one she would want to kill herself in trying to get your attention. Na small expo I just give una now. LOL!!

I say make I no waste time on top this matter, it's not like I know anything.....but zone her first still. HAHA. Talk with Krystal booboos ;)


  1. I think I am weird.

    I actually like the friend zone, it's comfortable, drama free and stress-free.
    Ladies do not drop unreasonable expectations on you and y'all can just chill. There will ALWAYS be someone out there who will gladly indulge shenanigans with you, it doesn't have to be among your friends, even your friends can grow up and see things differently.
    As for zoning first so she'll want me, I don't try it because I believe her attention then only exists to satisfy her ego not to bring me any sort of joy.

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