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Most people that have always had it easy in life would never really appreciate the value of what they have or where they are, as such may not be pushed to be go-getters and break greater grounds.

Important milestones are usually achieved by experiencing and conquering frustration. Yes! When we experience frustration, we're motivated to strive for greatness and independence. Frustration can make you develop skills you never knew you had.

Here' s how it works. When you're tired of not been able to get things naturally as you should or things don't seem to be going your own way, you begin to put pressure on your brain. The brain needs that type of pressure to grow, develop and maintain skills over time. When people tell you that you can't amount to anything or you won't be able to pull something through, your brain is challenged; and honestly that's exactly what it needs. There's some physiochemical reaction that causes the brain nerve cells to get very excited. If you're able to handle your frustration well, you can achieve even the unachievable. People that have made it in life, at a point in time saw their frustration as a challenge to overcome and an opportunity for growth. Others would rather wallow in self pity and wait for some type of miracle to come to their rescue.

Whenever you feel anxious or upset due to a particular predicament you're dealing with, don't begin to blame everything and everyone around you. Don't even blame yourself. Don't start giving yourself the "If" statements like "If I was like this or If I could do that or If my parents were that"....Allow your brain to think. Let your will be driven by the urge to be more than ordinary. Don't use foods or substances to in an attempt to make the pain go away, you'd only be inhibiting your brain's ability to create new pathways that can help you overcome any challenging situation. Don't see your frustration as a opportunity for someone to come meet your needs, but try as much as possible to meet them yourself. When something good comes out of your pain by your hands, you value and appreciate what you've achieved. You tell the story of your success with so much pride because you know you've paid your dues. By feeling the struggle, you gain confidence and you keep your nerve cells very much excited to face the next challenge that may come your way. Challenges actually make life more interesting and in overcoming them, your life gets more meaning.
So darlings, sometimes we all need a little bit of frustration. No one ever said the road to greatness would be easy. It can be tough to deal and overcome the feeling of frustration, but you have to push through and allow it be mould you to be who you're meant to be in life. Remain intensely focused on the outcome, not on the obstacles.

Have a beautiful weekend and as always, Talk with Krystal about it.