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Guys are not smiling at all. Seems the guys are really bringing out the true African in them in this series. Y'all know how much I love a man who can pull off a good native or cultural outfit....let's take a look

Model: Kenechukwu Okoye
Instagram: kene_okoye
Well hello there handsome. Kenechukwu has on him a nicely made caftan native outfit designed by Vendrika, Lagos. The black embroidery detail on it may be plain but indeed it compliments the upper part of the shirt. And of course we know this tall glass of chocolate milk here has guts to pull off an all white outfit effortlessly. Do we love it or what??

Model: Anthony Akogwu
Instagram: tonero12
Oh dear Lord, y'all keep feasting your eyes. I told you the guys are not playing. Is it just me or is he not looking "yummy" dressed in black? Anthony is rocking this classy design from Yakov clothing collection (this designer is actually partly Ukrainian, can you beat that). Let's see the full work up shall we?

Model: Felix Ikechukwu Eze
Instagram: iyke_dash
I swear I think I'd have a mini heart attack. Honestly African dudes be steady killing it. Did they send you people to me?? LOL. Iyke just blew us away in this beautifully made purple native attire. According to him, he's almost always on native outfits (now that's truly African). Iyke shared with us one of his numerous African collections and trust you'd absolutely love this one. The detail running through the middle of the shirt though....I see what you were trying to do there hun. Are we here for this or not??

Model: Ositadinma Arthur Ugwu
Instagram: osyquik
Ah this one is Babanla himself. Osita is clothed in a Leaf-green Ankara Jumper with maroon and white detailing, crowned with a coffee-brown Fila of gold finishing and a coffee-brown loafer with smooth-edge finishing. Abeg lemme prostrate well for you first! The Fila was designed by Sparks Clothing and the Ankara outfit designed by Arthur Hillz for HOC Closet. Oga we hail thee. Ladies don't we just want to eat him up? SLAY-TRICK popping in the African way not so?

To be featured on KT's Exquisitely African, simply send your pictures (selfie and full pictures) with the description of your attire to Don't forget to include the name of the designer and your full name and instagram handle too. Kisses darlings. Unleash the Exquisite African in you!!!


  1. I find the first and the last outfits to be really nice.

  2. Really great outfits here...


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