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A very special happy April to y'all lovely beautiful "Krystals". Today my team and I are happy to unveil our new face of the blog.
Yea remember it was announced last month that there would be a contest run on Instagram and the winner with the most likes would receive N5000 and be featured on the blog. Well the first round of the contest ended yesterday and we have our winner.

Meet Animashun Oreoluwa, a 400 level student of Agricultural extension and Rural development at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. Winning the contest with 906 instagram likes, we got to know a little more about this petite cutie.

The 21 year old hails from Ogun State and resides in Lagos. With her name meaning "GIFT FROM GOD", her personality indeed shows that she is a priceless gift from the Almighty. She loves shopping and traveling the world, with lies and pretense as her strong dislikes. She enjoys dancing and swimming in her spare time. She's very much single and open to meeting new people and making acquaintances. As shy as she looks, she's got the attention of few celebrities like award winning actress Kehinde Bankole, project fame runner up Olanma Pearl Awa-Agwu and a lot more. So you could look her up on instagram via her handle @ohreeoluwah and on snapchat @ohreeoluwa27.

Welcome on board Krystaltalks darling, keep doing you. So far you've been nothing but a very beautiful calm soul to relate with. All the best in your future endeavors...see you at the top.

So darlings, let's all give Ore a warm embrace and do get to know her more, feel free to contact her and those of you looking for boo can as well apply within. Hehe

The next round would be announced real soon and yes, it's open to everyone!! Both male and female. So fasten your seatbelts and win win win because come 1st May 2016, we'd have a new face.

Kisses :* :* Love, Krystal.


  1. Anonymous1/4/16 10:53

    She's pretty! Moi application loading...!!!!!!

  2. Wow she's pretty, I remember you said bits open to guys also, good. I'm so activating my SELfIE mode for this.


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