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What's up loves? Thank God it's Friday. I'm not feeling too fine sef and it's annoying me considering the fact that I would love to really turn up today. It's like someone from my village doesn't want my ministry to flourish this night *straight face*. But abeg if it's someone I offended, no vex...just forgive and forget; even if it's only today *crying real tears oh*

Anyways, I have this issue with driving. I don't know it's a phobia, wonder what we would call it. But because of this big fear, I've refused to get behind the wheels of a car. There was this incident that happened sometime ago. My mum was driving, I was asleep in the car. Next thing I heard was "Tabby, Tabby (my siblings sometimes call me that) wake up something's happening to the car". I don't know how much adrenaline rushed through my system...but it made me do something really unsafe. Without thinking twice or wondering what they said was happening, I didn't even ask any question...I jumped out of a moving vehicle...luckily it was to the bush side and not on the path cars were zooming off. Jesus wept oh! You should have seen the commotion I caused that day as I attracted people's attention and they came running probably to check if I was mad, possessed, injured or dead. Mtschew! I no fit shout.

You won't believe the so called problem that was wrong with the car...apparently the radiator was just overheating and all it needed was some water. The slap I received from my mum was enough to make me see Angel Gabriel with white cloth for me. But what fear can make one do though....the sights of accidents and other things have really shaken me much that I vowed never to drive...I'd rather just have a driver. I always get scared seeing big trailers and tankers coming my way because I'd say in my mind "What if this thing falls on my car the way I've seen it happen to some people".... Even when someone else is driving, I'd tell em to stay behind or drive past a trailer or tanker. In fact, I'm already gearing up on how to vacate the car once I notice something funny is about to go down.

But the truth is....jumping kekes and taxis is tiring...very stressful something. In fact the way Nigeria has been heating up like our next door neighbor is Hell itself tire me. I can't always have someone or beg someone to come take anywhere I want to go... What if there's an emergency? I'm still scared though, I'm however considering driving...but another voice keeps telling me "YOU MUST NOT DRIVE"...some people I know would shout for me if I finally decide that I'm not gon' learn anymore...but seriously you people should tell me...Is It Compulsory To Know How To Drive? Am I just being too paranoid?

Be real as always with me....Talk with your girl, Krystal ;)
P.S: I really need whoever is making me feel ill to stop, Love you!!


  1. Madam u better go and learn!! Even those that don't drive die in accidents. Na God dey protect. Just try to breathe and overcome your fear

  2. I think you ought to learn to drive.
    Be patient behind the wheel, keep your eyes open, and stay frosty.


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