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For those of you that have ever been in relationships or are presently in one or even married, you'd probably be able to relate with this tori and share your candid opinions.
I've been asked a couple of time by close friends about what I'm about to talk on, I usually just laugh over it but I've been requested to share and give my fair share of advice. Trust your girl to keep it real!
So a reader posed a question to me and every other person reading this post.
"Good evening ma. Your posts are life!! I have this problem with my boo and I felt I should share. I'm madly in love with this man. He's a good man and the sex is just mad, he knows how to handle a woman. But I have a problem with him. At his request, I always give him head (in case some of you don't know, she meant a blow job or oral sex) even though it pains my mouth. When I ask for him to return the favor, he would either just laugh and peck me or directly tell me know. We've been together for a year now and till today he has never even tried to kiss my private part. It's really annoying me because I know I take care of that  place very well. I only want to enjoy what other girls say they enjoy with their men. I threatened one time not to blow him but he got angry small and I just had to do it because I didn't want him mad at me. Please Krystal is it normal and is it right? I'd like to hear your views on this. Is it something I should just overlook? One full's not every time I like him pounding me now. I'm tired! Looking forward to your response and please do not share my identity or email. Thank you"
As much as I'm not a huge fan of "blow jobs", for those that enjoy or derive pleasure from it, I gather they take it pretty seriously. It's only fair that in giving there should be receiving not so? If you know you won't do for your partner what you ask him or her to do for you, why ask them in the first place? So abeg sister, I swear I don't think it's normal oh. For you to have endured it for one year and from the way you sound, you really gbadu this thing, then you've tried very well. It's about time you told him how you really feel. If it's something you want, tell him. He should give you a reason why he doesn't want to get down on you. How can you be having plenty mouth aches...I can't begin to imagine how that your mouth go dey pain you if your guy is really BIG. Kai! No but seriously don't give him again. Hold it. If he wants it he should give you first. Ah Ah, is it only him that likes better something? Until he tongue flicks you to cloud nine, nne hapu ya. Lock up your mouth. If he pushes too much, take peppery food (LOL please I'm playing here). Anyways, I trust you'd be able to handle the situation and believe you both are really in love. Just talk it out with him, the both of you can come to some kind of arrangement but make sure you still are not losing. Let me know how it goes. Good luck eh.
Ok darlings your turn now. If you feel differently about this or if you support the motion that the man must return the favor, then let's chat up. Talk with Krystal in the comment section. :* ;)


  1. Anonymous12/4/16 14:03

    Aunty Krystal preach!! I don't know why some men are stingy even when it comes to sex yet they expect us to give them anything they ask for. She had strength to take NO for one year and still go on satisfying him.

    1. Lol chei u called me Aunty😢But thank you thank you thank you. My sermon don reach person like you. Fear stingy men😂

  2. U've dated him 4 1 yr, you shuld know d best way 2 talk 2 him nw. He'll definitely get down on you if it makes you happy. It all depends on how you tell him. What else gets a man fulfilled if not making his woman happy?

  3. Do me I do you!!!

  4. Anonymous13/4/16 21:56

    he's not serious! if she wants it i would return d favour 4 times over

    1. Ah where the single ladies at? This man is a giver!!!

  5. Lol egberi koko. Strong story as my Bayeslan people call am. Perhaps he doesn't truly loves you as you claimed he does if not he would want to do that which you've been asking him to do for over one year now. I rest my case

    1. 😂😂Egberi gini? I've learnt something new😄 you made your case well jor.

  6. He should at the very least put in some effort, if he cares as much as he says.