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With the economic melt down and the state of disarray in our dear country Nigeria, one would think that every single person would be working towards making things better....especially those placed in positions to do so.

Instead of the chaos to die down a bit, it seems like this so called nation of ours is headed straight to hell. Last year, most of us believed that voting out the then incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan Ebele and replacing him with our old man and ex military head of state General Buhari would restore stability to the country; many hopefuls believed that the era of the terrorist group Boko Haram would finally be over. People believed in the slogan used in the campaign "CHANGE". We assumed more jobs would be allocated graduates and that there would be a significant rise to the gross income of the country.

Here we are...11 months later. The only change I have seen is the cancer that existed before now, get bigger, stronger and spread. All I've seen is the deterioration of the health of Nigeria. The once Giants of Africa seem to be afflicted with a disease that has no cure. It's like a cankerworm keeps eating us deep and our case looks hopeless. I was saying earlier this year "things would get better soon, let's give them time...after the rain comes the sun"....but our sun isn't anywhere in sight.

Still battling with getting back on our feet economically and trying to get rid of terrorists and the mayhem they ensue in parts of the country....and then more problems have now been added to the burden we have to bear. How can people who supposedly believe in a God whom they refer to as Allah begin to go on rampage killing and shedding the blood of innocents and still claim not to be terrorists? I'm tempted to ask...are Fulanis humans or tools put in place by the devil himself to wipe out a tribe or nation?

I have friends that are muslims/fulanis. They're really nice people to a fault that it's hard to believe someone from there would take someone else's life. The recent killings in Enugu State is appalling....sickening to my stomach. Yesterday, being Monday 25th April,2016, some suspected Fulani herdsmen invaded Ukpabi, Nimbo, a community in Enugu state, slaughtering at least 200 people mostly farmers. What wickedness!! An eye witness report of the incident stated that they saw their people slaughtered like fowls. And someone would still come and tell me these bastards are human beings with a soul? It's also reported that people have had to flee their homes to neighbouring's hoping they don't move camp to those villages.

We were scared before but had small hope saying the best option was to stay away from the north. Now the fire is spreading to every part of the country. I heard something like this also happened in Delta State...and the federal government remains mute to all these things. Our so called president is touring the whole world while the country he's meant to take care of is being set ablaze. No one is trying to stop them so they feel they can't be stopped......

It's becoming too alarming. Someone said to pray...but how long do we just do nothing and pray? The people killed yesterday and the people that have been killed over the years by these you think they didn't pray enough? Do you think they never hoped for a better Nigeria where you can move freely to any part of the country without the fear of your life being claimed by some extremists who believe they are blue bloods and every one not like them should be sentenced to meet their maker?? Who gave them the right? Is that what their religion really preaches? We know that's not true.

Nigerians are tired. Nigerians are suffering and wailing in agony. I pray the cries of all those slaughtered continue to haunt and taunt our leaders who only show their strength on TV fighting each other for power and money because of their stupid greed, when the real monsters they should be fighting are out there killing us. It's like they don't really care because they know they can't be touched. When would we be free of the pain? When would 1 naira equals 1 dollar? When would we not have to be in long cues at filling stations because fuel is scarce and ridiculously expensive? When would we triumph and sing the song of unity in Nigeria? When will our leaders rise up and fight for us as they are meant to? When will the oppression stop? When will human lives be valued? Or should we indeed separate and be "Biafrans" and leave the supposed "Nigerians" to keep killing themselves? Is there really hope? I want to be able to drink water and swallow it well...relaxed without fear of being in abject poverty or my life cut short by the swords of barbarians. When will we be finally saved??

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