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Considering this platform is also a tool to bring to mind the reality of what people go through, my attention was called to an incident that happened in Coventry University to a Nigerian student who had just arrived the school and well, got missing. His body was found last week Thursday, 21st April, 2016 after missing for over a year.

A few blogs in Nigeria (very few) may have talked about it but still not many people, including myself know much or anything about the circumstances surrounding the death of Ozi Akerele. Ozi aged 24 went missing on January 31, 2015 after being in the city (Coventry) for just a few days. Reports say he went for a night out with friends and while he headed home, he took a wrong turn. CCTV cameras caught him on tape trying to flag down taxis and motorists so he could find his way home. That was the last time he was seen.

From what I've been told and what I read too about the whole thing, it took the university one month to put out word about the disappearance of Ozi Akerele. Sad right? Questions were raised as to if it were their own country person or a white female student, would they have taken that long? Well the school authorities claimed they were working tirelessly with the police to find him and they had to follow all "protocols". Nigerian students over there say that the cops kept claiming to be looking for Ozi and yet even his body was not found by them. Nope! Two little boys playing football and kicked the ball into the church yard, off Albert Fearns Garden, in Foleshill. When one of them climbed to retrieve the ball, he saw something and shouted for the other boy to come. They got their mothers and another adult who said it was definitely a body and that was when the police was called.

By the way, this Foleshill is the same area that Ozi was said to have been last seen walking trying to get a ride home. Not just that, the cops "allegedly" searched that area "thoroughly" in February last year and found nothing....

It's painful Ozi Akerele isn't here anymore today. The pain of sending a child to schools abroad hoping that somehow, they lay in greener pastures and instead of that happening, you receive his corpse instead....I can't even imagine it. Police reports now state they find no "foul play"...Really? No foul play? Someone that came into another man's country for a Masters degree so he could make his widowed mum proud just happened to enjoy being missing and end up dead right? A post mortem examination that was carried out last week Friday was inconclusive and they say further tests would be carried out to establish the cause of death....As much as I'm hoping the truth is uncovered, I already have doubts about it. If they already think his death isn't suspicious....I hardly believe any truth would come out of it. The one thing people take solace in is that his family and friends got a little bit of closure.

This whole event is a sad one. I have family there. I thought to myself, what if same thing happened to my sibling or my very close friends? How do I wrap my head around's hard losing a loved one; it's even worse not knowing how he/she died.

The question right now on the minds of Nigerian students there is "could more have been done to find Ozi sooner, dead or alive?"  I don't know really.....I've heard of people been taken and their corpses resurfacing much much later. But in my heart I know he could have been alive today. This post is intended to let all of you know that it's not all rosy outside Nigeria. A whole lot of shit goes down out there. And we know no matter how we try to deny it that Racism is as strong as it was before our generation....people actually struggle there. I really would not have come to know about any of this despite the fact it's been on the internet for over a while now, if a concerned Nigerian citizen also studying in the university hadn't sent me a message and urged me to read and say something about it. We can only hope somehow some day, we're treated better. I do hope some justice is served...I hope so. May the soul of Ozi Akerele, the souls of other Nigerians out there that have lost their lives in a bid to be better people and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace...Amen!

Talk with you think anything more could have been done? Could Ozi's life have been saved? Let's continue in the comment section...and do share this with a friend.


  1. Racism isn't truly dead, and I fear the truth may never be made known even if uncovered. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. A sad story indeed.
    It is my hope that kids going out of the country understand that it is not all rosy and they need to be careful and smart.

    1. You've said it. They really need to be careful. Thanks a lot #RealTalk

  3. I was studying at that same school when the sad event happened about his missing. To be honnest, I think the school authority did put in somuch effort for his search. Infact all round coventry was his posters. No part of the world is 100% security sure but the government of U.k, without sentiment in general had put in their very best in terms of providing security for her residence. Its unfortunate.

    1. Thank you for letting everyone know they indeed made adequate efforts to find him. Quite unfortunate it ended this way

  4. Anonymous26/7/16 11:33

    It is quiet unfortunate this happened. I believed the authorities did wat they could and also the school as well. It was a cold night and the cctv footage shows him walking and staggering he must have been really cold and wandered into that lonely church yard. If he had stayed on a main road where he could have been seen, but we can never know now. Our youths should be more aware of thier environments and surroundings. Especially in a new country. Its easy to freeze out there. God rest his soul

  5. I'm from Coventry myself and followed this story and still check every so often for updates, i'm sure it was around a week after he went missing or maybe sooner that the story was everywhere, papers, posters, social media. It's sad to think he has now gone at such a young age in a country he had only just arrived in. I feel there must be more to it but i do know at that time of the year it is extremely cold! I know where his body was found is quite a long distance from where he went missing, I can't get my head around for why or how he traveled so far and was left unnoticed until right at the end where he was 'last seen' I'm shocked at how he wasn't found sooner! I just hope and pray his family and friends find out the truth. May he rest in peace.

  6. I'm gutted to say the least. Without first-hand facts, it's difficult to pin criticism on anyone. Ozi is my cousin and having to write something like this feels too unreal.
    He was gonna be a dad to his siblings - after the demise of their dad a few years back - so he promised the last of the boys. I can't even call the mom. What do i tell her when she picks my call. It's no longer like those days Ozi and i used to hang out in Abuja, then as the elder of the two, she would call my phone to remind me of safety precautions just to make sure we were far from trouble. Never got to say goodbye to Ozeivo 'cause we were supposed to meet again! There are too many questions to ask... Only downside is the dead are forever gone without the ability to know what happens here on earth.

    Dear Ozi,

    "It all comes together again,
    The pain,
    All that remain,
    Brother rest, and in peace remain".

    1. I can't say I understand the type of pain you feel dear. I can only pray and hope you and your family get comfort from the Almighty and may Ozi's soul continue to rest in peace. Amen


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