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So a friend of mine tagged me to this picture on instagram of UNIPORT students protesting increment of their school fees.

This is another issue the Nigerian student faces while trying to bag a university degree. Since 4:30am, these students have been protesting peacefully, asking questions why they now have to pay N45000 as fees in a federal university.

The annoying part of this whole mess is that they were meant to have commenced exams today. Till now, no official word has come from the school authorities. In the midst of terrible economic crises and the masses suffering and striving to pay their bills, this type of extortion via school fees is unacceptable. Do they want some people to drop out because they can no longer afford to pay such an amount for their fees? Are students and their families expected to go hungry and sell off their properties just because they want to obtain a degree in their fatherland??!!

I'm happy they refused to keep mute. Fight for your rights. No violence indeed is needed, but don't back down or be silenced. Keep asking why they require N45000 from you when others have it better and are still in school. They cannot continue to oppress you.  The issue needs to be addressed by everyone involved and responsible for this. Nigerian students deserve the right to affordable and sound education. SO DON'T BACK DOWN.

Krystal has spoken. Will you keep kwaayyyetttt???? Talk with Krystal :)