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University education in Nigeria is a quite tough compared to that of other countries. From trying to gain admission by writing series of exams asides the senior secondary certificate exams, to a lot of hardship that hinder most students' progress in the university.
It's like it's become a normal thing for students to be victimized by lecturers in our universities that no one sees it as an offence punishable by law. Every student has the right to study comfortably without fear of being failed in a particular course due to the fact he/she didn't meet some ridiculous requirements stipulated by a lecturer. I'd shed light on some common issues which I think deserve maximum attention and action.
Ideally there should be an open door relationship between university authorities and students, to allow for better communication and assist students in academic problems they may have. I had the opportunity to experience the Nigerian university student-lecturer relationship for a brief period. Most lecturers would hardly give you the time of day. Rather than look into a particular problem and offer proffered solutions, some resort to insulting the students and downgrading them for no just cause. I schooled in one of the best schools in West Africa. Its excellence thrives partly on the ability for lecturers to always answer the students' questions or use some teaching techniques to allow the students seek the solution. That's how it's done in other very good universities out there in the world. So why is the case of Nigerian universities different? This type of attitude the lecturers portray  as mini/demi gods instill fear in students willing to learn; as such most of them remain  mute and just take the words of the lecturer or text books, not understanding one bit of what they're been taught. Back in school, we assessed the lecturers, some students used to directly go make a report when a lecturer doesn't teach well and immediately that lecturer is sanctioned or advised to up his game. If a student should try something like that in Nigeria, I'm pretty sure they'd fail that particular course automatically. Hence students just lock up and accept their fate. Most of our graduates from Nigerian universities cannot apply common theories in their work field simply because they have no basic understanding and fundamental knowledge of their chosen program. And these people are expected to be the future leaders of our nation. Sad!
Another issue is the production of variety of text books by lecturers and forcing students to buy them. This one is just ridiculous. Like it annoyed me some much in my first year in a Nigerian university before I left. Most of those text books that they forced us to buy then were totally useless. I'm sure the ones they're forcing many people to buy now are still useless!! Instead of helping you understand better, they confuse you even more. The truth is most students already have rich text books to aid them with their studies. In fact the university libraries are stocked with books that can feed knowledge. But do these lecturers care if the student don't want their published books? No! They would rather make threats saying anyone who doesn't buy would fail. Some go further to make it a general thing, that everyone in that particular class must buy or everyone fails, forcing the students' hands. That in my opinion is high class level of extortion and bullying coupled with the first issue above. Do they think everyone has it easy? What if one can't purchase the book? So you'd fail a student that on a normal day would ace that course without skin pain simply because he didn't buy that miserable text book of yours? Pathetic!! 
Also on the issue of extortion and threat making, the fact that lecturers coerce their female students to 'get down' with them to pass a course or enforce a fee that everyone must pay to pass the course is beyond me! I have friends that have had the full Nigerian university experience, my sister too. Lord knows I would have gone crazy and probably been expelled. I've heard different stories about this and it's just baffling. Some people have spent extra year/years they didn't deserve to spend because some lecturer decided to frustrate and inflict pain on them due to the fact that they didn't do the "needful". Why is no one doing anything about this? Why can't the perpetrators of this wicked acts of injustice be punished as it's meant to be? I feel like this type of issue arises because a particular course is handled by only one lecturer and as such, he can do as he wills. In other schools outside the country, stuffs like this can hardly ever go down. Over five lecturers would handle different topics in a particular course. So even if as a student you decide to settle one of the lecturers, what would happen to the remaining?  No one lecturer can just come and demand any form of settlement or even coerce the students to buying books. All they'd do is to recommend good books, those by other lecturers inclusive that covers the course work. Some of us used to just get the soft copies and go about our way. No hassles. And as for threats or telling the female student to come gbadu you in one corner to pass.....Mtschew except a girl is dumb enough to listen to any petty lecturer, such shit can't happen. If only Nigerian universities could pick that up and ensure the lecturers are upright and always in check... 
Victimization of students by lecturers has been growing with each passing year, every case worse than the last. The quality of some graduates goes a long way to attest to the fact that there is a deep cancer in the university educational system. A system where students live in fear and have to pay their way through almost everything would in the end result to a generation that believes totally in corruption. No one now sees these things as a anything. They believe it's like a rite of passage for every student in Nigeria, that it's just how it is and everyone should play along and just graduate sharp sharp. It's about time we spoke up. Students need to start acting rather than allowing the lecturers to take away their voice. The age of technology has actually made things easier. Thank the Lord for the machines you people carry about as phones. All these issues of missing script, failing courses you worked hard for, selling your bodies for grades, extra years, fear and even the feeling of helplessness that makes some people join cults for power and protection from lecturers must come to an end. Let every student get what he deserves! You can always get a lecturer in the act and send to media outlets, blogs, etc. Put it out there that something like this is happening in your university. By the time the whole world begins to see and the university authorities notice that y'all have had enough, then change would begin to take place. It begins with YOU. If you or your friend is being victimized, let the whole world freaking know!! Tell it to anyone who cares to listen. Gather as much evidence as you need to put the human trying to take away your right to learn and succeed out of the system. You deserve the best form of education. You paid for it!! You deserve to be useful in your field of work rather than your bosses always having to ignore you and go with someone else who studied abroad because they don't trust your knowledge and understanding. SPEAK UP NIGERIAN STUDENTS! ALUTA CONTINUA! VICTORIA ASCERTA!!
Have a very blissful Monday and a beautiful week ahead, and yes, let's talk more in the comment section. Talk with Krystal :)