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How you doing sweethearts? Hope your weekend was lit!
I love Love...Like I love the feeling that there's someone out there who'd probably give his or her life for another being. The whole romance and display of affection......You know all the cute pictures we get to see of people in love on almost every social media platform these days...the way they can make a single person think though. In fact my girls and I one time tagged ourselves "Team Forever Alone"...not cause we had not experienced love at one point in our lives, but probably because at a particular time, we envied the love birds that were throwing it all in our faces.

But that's not what we're about today. Behind the whole "lovey dovey" charade, there's a whole lot of drama and dark times these people experience...some would bail because their love could not stand the storms. Others would hang on...even when there's nothing more to hold on to.

The truth is love can take some work. Don't be mistaken. "Work" to improve yourselves so you could love better, not work to stay in love. I believe loving or being in love with someone should flow naturally. It should be easy to get or understand each should be easy to communicate with each other. Once these things don't should check because it ain't really love then.
However in the long haul, you would encounter issues. That's like when you know for sure how far you would be willing to go for each other, how the both of you would resolve whatever conflicts that should arise. It's never always rosy for those of you who think it's meant to be that way and run away at the first sign if danger. NO loves...the ability for the both of you supposedly in love to face your problems head on together as a team and defy or refuse that impulse that you get to jump ship because it seems there's something or someone else "more loving" or "not so challenging"; that's the strength that comes with your relationship. That's how you both grow. I've learnt that sometimes, conflicts reveal a whole other truth....they may mar what you have if you let it or they could make the love that exists between y'all much stronger and better. You begin to learn to fight together, not each other, against all odds. You learn a little more about what could tick any one of you off. You deafen your ears to a whole lot of bull crap from people around and within you.

So do expect the tough times. I'm not saying you should hold on to something that would kill you; you should be able to tell real and true love. We already know some people don't really know how to those that abuse each other in a that one you need to let go of. Don't hold on to something that's dead already. Don't try to force someone to love you and stay. Like I said if it's love, it'd be there naturally and would keep fighting to make sure y'all don't lose each other or yourselves in the process. It's never really easy or straightforward....if you heard so, you heard wrong. Don't be tempted to move into the arms of another because it seems the grass is greener over there. Water your own grass and watch it blossom and bloom in all beautiful colors.

That's all we have for today. I hope I tried to make some sense here. You know how I love to talk with you guys yea? So Talk with Krystal in the comment section ;) . Lots of Love :*