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Our focus today is on an entrepreneur and business man who found his calling in Fashion Designing. Say hello to the handsome gentleman Joe Parson.

Omo Alhaji!! An indigene of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Joe has been in this business for quite a while now, designing for label owners in the past while in the university. He began his own commercial label in 2014 after three years as a telecoms engineer.

This uncle is not a small somebody oh! After bagging Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, for some reason he decided to go into creative designing and business development as his forte. He achieved this dream by earning himself a diploma from Milan late last year.

As to what inspired him to go into fashion designing and styling, Parson says he was never really inspired or motivated. He only realized he was good at styles and fashion and well, bros didn't want to be broke. LOL! He wanted ride of his own (Benz to be specific) and to own a crib in South of France (nawa oh, big eye sha)'s good to dream big after all.

He also tailors the outfits himself even though he had to employ a manager and a couple of other tailors as the orders for his designs became really enormous. He sews mainly with Egyptian cotton, guinea and atiku materials. He is focused mainly on tunics and kaftan including agbada, danshiki and their sorts. And most of his designs are unisex.

Joe has styled a good number of artists including the dance icon Don Flex of the Dance with Peter reality show.

If you love what you see...of course you do, I mean who wouldn't... You can visit to see more in his collection. To order, send an email to or call +2348038815426. For enquiries or to "exchange love notes" (I did not send you work oh), you can also send an email to

All the very best Joe Parson, see u at the top! Thanks for gracing KT's Exquisitely African and do keep portraying the Exquisite African in you. Krystaltalks absolutely loves you.