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In  a relationship there's always a "Reacher" and a "Settler". What do I mean? I'd tell you.
Now in any relationship, one person settles  for the other who in turn is in a relationship with someone way out of his or her league. A reacher is the “one-down” partner who is dating someone who is somewhat out of their league. The settler is the “one-up” partner who could do better, but is choosing not to......are we clear on that?

Let's take an example. In a relationship, whatever the type or nature, one person may be more attractive than the other. This very attractive person (settler) is bound to have the attraction and attention of other people outside the relationship and could be worrisome for the other party involved (reacher) because he/she knows it's very possible to lose them, as such the reacher would always want to shower loads of gifts, love and affection to ensure his or her place is secured.

The settler would never be jealous because he/she knows that their partner can't cheat on them. Even if the partner tries to purposely make them jealous, they really don't care or pay much attention because they already know what's get? So how do you know which one you are.....

You are the reacher if
1) You call and text almost every time
2) You worry about where your spouse may be or who they may be with.
3) You're the jealous one
4) You're clingy
5) You're more of the giver than taker
6) You're more selfless
7) You find your spouse incredibly attractive and keep wondering how they ended up with you
8) Low self confidence
9) You're submissive

You're the settler if
1) You never get jealous
2) Always been showered with affection within and outside your relationship
3) Almost always have your way with anything as far as your relationship is concerned
4) You're more of the receiver
5) High self confidence
6) You dominate the relationship

LOL...these roles do change though. The settler can become the reacher sometimes. Other times there's a balance in who's reaching and who's not. The truth is it's best and healthy for a relationship if both parties are reachers and settlers together. Like I can be a reacher in my partner feels needed, wanted and loved; and yet I could still be a settler mentally in my head, so that I know my worth and don't tolerate bullshit, are you following? It's healthier that way.

However, you know I gotta ask.....check your relationship and do talk/share your thoughts with me in the comment section. Are you the Reacher or the Settler?

Talk with Krystal......xoxo!


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