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Y'all know how US rapper Azealia Banks is best known for attacking and victimizing other celebrities....well last night she totally went and tried the wrong one!!

The drama began when a post Azealia made of ex One direction member Zayn Malik allegedly stealing her "style" or something.

Well Zayn clapped back of course....saying she was reaching and well, Azealia is not the type to keep her fingers to herself...she went into full trigger mode!
Very low down and so racist! To think she used a the beautiful river in India (Punjab) as an insult...says a lot about how much she knows ei? LOL. Well due to her racist slurs, she got kicked off the Hackney Festival in London.

Anyways, fast forward to few hours later....14 year old Disney star Skai Jackson who's well known for her role as Zuri in "Jessie" came online twitter and after she caught up with what was happening, she tweeted "Azealia  Banks needs to simmer down a little"
And all hell let loose as Azealia Banks went mad!! She clapped back seriously at a 14 year old and welp, Skai wasn't getting put down that easy. Follow the thread!

Crazy night not so? Anyways as far as a lot of people are concerned, Azealia definitely lost here and took the huge L with her! I mean her instagram page was a disaster, take a look at this!!
 She needs to just face her music career....I think..LOL.....Skai totally shut her down!!


  1. Who is this Azealia Banks and why on earth would she pick a fight with a 14 year old?

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