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Hi y'all, been a minute...Let me just take a moment to send my love anyone and everyone who's always aching for and looking forward to more Real Talk here. Your words of encouragement and support keep me you're the reason I do this.

Without much-ado, you've seen the topic for today abi? I know most of y'all dabble in such supposed friendships one too many times. And in the end someone is almost always left hurt in the process.

I've never been the type to have FWBs though...because I always think in the long run, even though I try to deny it, I will surely catch feelings. I remember telling my friends one time that Friends with Benefits (in the sexual sense) seemed stupid to me. In fact it doesn't exist because in my opinion, I actually feel there's no way you'd have shenanigans with someone and not feel anything for them. Like I believe there's no such thing as meaningless sex...except of course you get drunk at a bar and land in bed with s stranger. Sex connects two people not just physically...but it brings the souls together each time y'all get down to it. And now you're friends with this particular person, definitely there's some force of attraction or some chemistry between the two of you for the both of you to want to be intimate in the first place; you don't just get intimate once or do it for a long while...and in your mind you think you won't be up in your feelings? Then one person will now say "It's just sex okay, no strings attached"..... O di mma! Y'all be tying yourselves up with ropes and complicating your lives further.

Sometimes, from what I've party involved in this so called symbiotic relationship actually has true and deep feelings for the other...and probably just as he or she has been trying within all their power to get the other party to see them but for some reason or the other, they resort to being "beneficial friends".

I even know of some people...girls especially who are in committed relationships and yet are looking for benefits with another friend.'s like they're following you from the village. Be forming and acting all tough meanwhile any small crack and you'd fall into pieces.I understand sometimes people just engage in FWB because they're trying to protect their hearts or themselves from any emotional upset or trauma. They use that as an excuse to go on frolicking...Brothers and sisters...something will sha go wrong...more than half of the time it does. Sometimes both parties are lucky if they realize they both feel deeply for each other and decide to end their stupidity and just be exclusive. Others may as well just hurt themselves and move to the next one to establish symbiosis.

So maybe I'm silly or wrong for believing Friends With Benefits isn't something real or that simple....

Whether or not I'm wrong, let's talk. What do you think about being friends with benefits with someone? Does it work? Does anything good come out of it? Does it protect you from getting hurt? Is it equivalent to just wasting each other's time? This is the time for all you experienced lot to show yourselves oh.....LOL

Since everyone including myself  learns from each other here, Talk with Krystal about it....share your views and perspectives ei? *Hugs and kisses*


  1. Hmmmh, Friends with benefits!!! It works 4 some and doesn't 4 others just like biz stand or fall. It will definitely work if you see urselves less often, talk less often an always remind urselves of what you are both into.

    1. It works for those with open, honest communication and a reasonable level of emotional maturity. If you catch feelings you speak up and not pretend so you both know what to do.

  2. So @toobari two friends that already talk to each other and decide to add benefits to their relationship without any emotion attached would have to begin seeing and talking less often abi? Dats what you're kinda saying....such a thing already has disaster written al over it

  3. FWBs will never work no matter the situation or conditions because you are individually receiving your rewards, whc shows that you are not eyeing going into bonding as one. so therefore for marriage to respect you and for you to attain the height or level you desire for your family you need to respect the rules and regulations that governs marriage.

    1. If you're in such a union marriage isn't in your immediate plans.
      The only rule to marriage is duty, however form the both of you agree it should take.


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