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As  very young girls, way back in our teens, there's this attraction which had strongly for guys who act aloof or had this bad boy attitude. It was a normal thing to be drawn to people who were an embodiment of the worst emotional characteristics. The truth is that we felt that way probably because we loved the idea of something being dangerous or we had to go for someone that could boost our rep among our peers....I remember tales of some my mates then of how the guys they were dating were practically involved with half of the school and even had sugar mummies. But for some reason they stayed back....I think some people just had abandonment issues.
Now, as young mature women, the nature of the type of person we want around us is bound to change. As a woman, you'd want a man.....key word being man! This actually has nothing to do with the age on both parties. Rather, both of you are matured, have serious life visions and are at important stages of life. Some ladies till now, prefer being with boys because they are yet to give up the "girl" in them and realize what they truly deserve. If you act like a girl, then best believe you'd attract only boys. A girl would be ruled by insecurity, lack independence and self respect, have this "princess syndrome" and would have no strong values or boundaries. A woman on the other hand is independent, ambitious, not insecure, has a strong moral compass and knows her worth and value.

If you fall into that category (woman), you should be dating a man....and here's how you can tell

1)  You know how boys will toast you once and give up once the lady doesn't bulge? A man would rather take the initiative to know more about the woman he likes.

2)  A man would have the courage to have some uncomfortable discussions or conversations. So if you pose some questions that would ordinarily put a boy in a tight corner and make him try to evade or ignore confrontation, a man would be honest with his intentions and let you know where he stands. A man would not run away from or create drama or excuses.

3)  A boy plays games, a man doesn't. All them silly mind games are not characteristic of men. If he tries to play or act funny, he's definitely still a boy. (This is particularly how you can tell from the start the type of person you're about to get involved with)

4)  A man always knows what he wants and immediately goes for it. A boy would be passive about what he thinks he wants, a man would be assertive and would use every effort availed to him to get whatever he wants.

5) A boy just lives in the moment, has no future plans and doesn't think of ever taking that relationship to the next level...he'd probably be thinking of the next booty to hit up next week. A man on the other hand plans for his future and works towards building a foundation and infrastructure in order to have a family.

6)  A man would be after a woman with both beauty and brains....a woman who is well grounded and has a mind of her own. A boy just wants a girl in a hot body who may seem wild and sexually exciting.

7)  A man has integrity and make promises that he can keep....can't say the same for a boy

8) A man is afraid of being rejected but would still go on to put himself out there. Trust boys to be afraid of rejection and just act like a total jerk so that his so called pride and ego won't get banged up.

There are a couple more......contribute your own quota.. Whether or not you think I'm wrong, Talk with Krystal my darlings.