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This debate has gone on for a long time. Everyone with different opinions. It's a very sensitive issue that has brought up valid points from those who agree and those who don't.

So this fine morning, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Looking at the stages of development of a foetus in the womb, would you say abortion is murder? Or at what stage would you label it murder?

Now at about four weeks of pregnancy, you have a ball of cells formed into an your "future baby" if you let it live, is the size of a poppy seed. Many have argued that the removal of this poppy seed doesn't count as murder because it has no beating heart even though it's already begun to 4 weeks your baby already has started forming brain and spinal cord...but in people's dictionaries, no beating heart, no life (which is a valid point though).... Anyways, let' see what you think of aborting a 5 weeks old pregnancy.

At about 5 weeks, the embryo begins to form its circulatory system...this is when its tiny heart starts beating.... So if you do commit an abortion at about this time, is it murder? Purposely stopping a beating heart....I'd leave you to be the judge.

No need to go further into the other stages....we already know the fetus becomes more developed, with little arms, fingers, toes, etc. .

Most folks have said since it's legal in most countries, then there's nothing wrong with it as murder has been defined as the unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by another....oh well...

I'd pause here...Kindly place your arguments in the comment section. Remember we're all here to learn so any and every opinion is welcomed. Feel free to criticize but do so responsibly.

Have a beautiful week while you Talk With Krystal.


  1. I've always advocated choice for the aborter, I can't see much of an alternative.
    The only way I can walk up to anyone and complain about them aborting is if I am prepared to take responsibility for the unborn child and the person's health.


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