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How many of you ladies in relationships frown on guys asking you for money when they're a bit down??

I saw this tweet two days ago where a girl said that it's not right for a guy who claims in the relationship to ask her for money; that if he's financially unstable, he should borrow from his friends. And many ladies were quick to jump on it and support the statement.

But it got me confused and thinking a bit. When a girl is in dire need of some help, I know too well she won't always go asking their friends. If she's not in a relationship, she'd probably hit up one "mugu" that's on her case. Bottom line is she gets the money from any man in her life. Now coming to the case of your man needing your help sometimes, I don't really see anything wrong with it. There would always be ups and downs in a man's life...he may not always have it together all the time. So if you get in a relationship, you should be ready and willing to be a supporter and helper to the man you claim to be in love with.

A lot of you have taken love to mean only when the man is able to spend and fly you to different parts of the world and buy you the most expensive shit. That's not love my darlings. How can you say you would rather see your man borrowing from outsiders than you who is meant to be his go to and number one confidante?? In fact I know that most men, even when their woman offers to help out, thy turn it down because of their ego. So if your man that hardly asks for anything, turns to you for help, then it should tell you he's in a tight corner.

This right here is the reason most people find it difficult to hold down a good man and move to the next step in their relationship. Whoever told you you're never to assist your man lied to you. Take a good look at firm and strong marriages...they built together. I've seen cases like one where the man was building up his own business and the lady invested in her man. She contributed her own quota because she wanted to see both of them live better lives. Today they're married and living the good life. He doesn't need to ask her for money, he spends his money making sure she lacks nothing.

As a lady, you should be willing to offer a helping hand to your partner without him asking. If he turns you down, insist further. It's a different case if he's a jobless human always asking you for money....that's a "f**k boy" proper! You should not even be with that kind of person that can't almost always handle his shii. But when you have a real man whom you know too well has prospect and has actually been taking good care of the both of you, you owe it to your relationship to be there in his dark times. Don't be a fair-weather lady. Be his woman.

So tell me, do you think men should never ask their women for money? Is it so absurd/demeaning/insulting?

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  1. He definitely should come to you first before anyone else if he is in need and you have the money. Otherwise I don't see the point of your relationship, since you've taken up the mantle of passenger.
    I have a friend who chastised her man in those rare cases he came to her for help, so he turned to a friend (female) for the help he needed. She still wonders what she did wrong when Mr. Man ended up with the other lady.

    1. Preach! If only some ladies would learn


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