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Heyyyyy a beautiful day my loves....kilode? How life be with the latest fuel price.....LOL...Bad as e be, we gon be alright!!

Okay the matter for real talk is obvious of course. As usual I try to give my fair share of some issues or questions that bother most or all of us yea? This particular one.....a couple of people have been talking about it for a while; a colleague of mine actually posed the question to me... I burst into laughter...literally; I honestly could not give a straight answer there. After about a few minutes though I said to myself the relationship would be over na, I mean it means she doesn't love you just as much to settle down with you right? That thought came in when my thinking faculty was not well aligned. Now I'd break this whole thing down...just a little because I dey try save battery for this laptop and you know NEPA no dey give person light coupled with the petrol wahala! Sigh...ok straight to business now.

First of all, as a guy planning to settle down, you should have some level of certainty concerning where you and your spouse are in your relationship. Timing is very very very important. Doing the right thing at the wrong time could lead to...well....getting a NO....imagine if you're the corny cliché type to do it in front of a ton of people with an elaborate and over the top proposal confident she won't turn you down and happens......picture the embarrassment and heart ache you would have to deal with (that's the type of thing I can pray to happen to some guys I know sha....kidding).
Again, be sure your spouse also loves you in spirit and in truth. Some ladies don't realize they don't love someone until the big question is popped and they start having life revelations and epiphanies about spending the rest of their lives with someone they don't love. Me I dunno how you'd sha tell she loves you the same way....but I believe over the course of your relationship, you should have been dropping small hints and see how she'd respond to them. Some girls are with the guys they are dating now out of pity; they don't want to be the one to hurt a guy or something, like they feel leaving the guy would destroy him (may be true in some cases); but honesty is always best, they don't remember be sure she actually does love you!

Anyways, if ya baby turns your marriage proposal down, take heart. For some people that's the end of the road for them as far as that relationship is concerned. Have you seen cases of the girl slapping the guy for proposing or her confessing that she's doing someone else in fact....that kinda thing....just hold your heart and be going...relationship is over. Like if she can't give you a good things over with you reassuring some hope...again SORRY
But that's not the case less than half of the time. Some ladies are usually too overwhelmed so they blurt out NO at first, others just need a little more time (probably not ready to be tied down by marriage bounds)...but that doesn't mean they don't want to settle down with you in the end. So give it more time you get? Few ladies have some commitment issues.... Some other girls too would want to attain a certain level in their career before marriage and would then tell you to hold on a bit till so so and so happen...well if you can wait, the relationship ain't over. If not, ya already know...just take your medicine and you'd be fine.

It's in case I just blabbed too much, forgive and forget abeg. LOL. But I sha made small sense with my nonsense...Oh Krystal stop now! Bottom line...the relationship is not always over!

Over to you...would you say it's over if she said a big fat NO to your marriage proposal or you'd go ahead like nothing happened?
By the way if you missed me kindly slide into my dm on instagram (enter at your own risk!!)..HAHA! You know what to do now...Talk With Krystal right here in the comment section ai?


  1. Hi krystal... Missed u loads��.
    Ok bk to d gist.. Well i think if a girl turns down ur proposal, it doesnt mean she doesn't love u or doesn't want to get married to u. Probably means she's not ready, I mean timing is a very important factor in things like this. So it doesn't mean d relationship is over.


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