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Contrary to what we all believed was a good bye from the actor Jussie Smollett who stars as Jamal Lyon on popular series Empire, he ain't going nowhere!! Yass darlings Jamal is here to stay.

So after last week's episode where his character got shot and we thought he wasn't gon survive coupled with the statement he put out on Twitter that "He loves Empire family and  that it was time to make new records and movies"....Boyy were we heart broken.

This week's Wednesday's episode was the season finale and it showed Jamal survived the bullet wound. Jussie Smollett also took to his instagram page to let fans know he never said he was leaving empire in a funny video with co-star Gabby Sidibe.

Hallelujah Baby!! Hahaha...we love us some Jamal....people already threatened to quit the series....y'all can calm your hearts down now.