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Patience....a very common word, a lot of people even bear it as their name. But it's a very rare virtue, there are hardly any patient people in the world. We can tell from our daily activities and the way we approach things in life.

What's Patience? It's the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious... Notice the word delay? It's the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting... Many people just give up because a particular thing has not happened for them or they can no longer deal with the problems presenting them; and it's so upsetting they give up just at the point that the silver line is about to show up.

In truth, it's really not easy as it sounds. It takes almost if not all the strength in you to forge on and hope that soon everything would work out well. I was at this point in my life. I've never really been the very patient type, never been comfortable waiting for long...for anything. However this year has already taught me a lot.

Delay is really never denial. It may take a while...longer than you think, but it always works out for good in the end. You need to hold on and don't lose hope or sight of where you're going to and what you want. Trust that everything happens for a reason....God never leaves his own.

I was in a very dark place not so long ago. I already gave up.....totally. I was ready to quit everything I already started building, including my profession as a pharmacist and even this platform I started. I felt I wasn't where I was meant to be because some of my mates were already far gone. I thought to myself, "is it that my sins are much more than those of the people being so successful? Like does God hate me that I haven't gotten there yet? Why do I feel stuck?"

But thing is, everyone has his own race to run. Whether or not everyone has gotten to a particular place, it really doesn't matter. So what everyone is getting married? Wait your turn. Your mates are taking trips and living the lavish lifestyle? Wait your turn. You're not riding that car that you ought to be driving knowing you actually work harder than a lot of people? Patience child! There's always a reason for delay. Sometimes God withholds things for a while for us to realize something very important and only after that realization does every other thing begin to fall into place. Don't think you're abandoned. Don't give up on what you believe in. You'd even be thankful for the delay and the mountains you had to conquer. You'd be shocked at the things you can achieve due to that phase in your life.

So my darlings, don't despair! Keep doing your best and know that soon, it would pay off. In the end, your success story will be a glorious one. Hopefully this gets to someone that really needs to know that there's light at the end of the tunnel...someone that's just at the point I used to be. Trust, Believe, Hope and continue to Persevere! We'd be definitely alright. Good things come to those who wait.....but don't be idle while waiting though!

Have yourself a beautiful week and remember....Talk with Krystal.


  1. Strong and wise counsel... Truly in time all does fall in place. Worrying never did any good, it's just interest on a debt you'll never owe.

  2. This one is for me, cause I'm at the verge of giving up now, what a timely message. Thank you.

    1. You're welcome dear. Glad it helped. Stay strong

    2. You're welcome dear. Glad it helped. Stay strong

  3. This one is for me, cause I'm at the verge of giving up now, what a timely message. Thank you.


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