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Okay. Everyone is just getting pregnant this year. Just few days ago, it was Janet Jackson. And now, Blac Chyna has joined the train.
Yes! You heard right. Blac Chyna who got engaged to Rob Kardashian last month is pregnant with a tiny Kardashian. The way the family tree is set up eh.....wears my brain out just thinking about it.
Anyways Blac Chyna posted a emoji of her with a baby bump yesterday and then Rob Kardashian followed suit both with the caption "*baby emoji*"

It didn't end there. Tyga, Blac's ex fiancé and Rob's sister's boo now then wrote on Blac's ig post "Congratulations"
Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner also showed they were totally here for the new addition to the family as they both liked the post.
Trust momma Chyna "Tokyo Toni" to express her joy on the gram. She's definitely excited about having a second grand child.
Okayyy Congrats Angela and Rob Kardashian!!!