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During one of my usual scrolls through the gram, I happened upon a transformation makeup video some comic account edited to allow people mock a certain someone. See below.

By the way, they changed the initial caption that read something that probably seemed funny to them and even had her instagram handle, after many people had given their two cents (positive and mostly negative) about the video.

I'm sure most of y'all may have seen it already. Now I know how quick everyone usually is to lash out at how makeup has been used as some form of deceit (no lie, it's gone so bad that people do full body makeup)...However, this I didn't find amusing in any way.
The thing many people have failed to understand is that everyone deserves to look his or her best. Some people do need it to boost their confidence level, others for the fun for it. Now in that video, honestly, that girl is ridiculously cute; she only has mad breakouts/acne which is so not her fault. Even without makeup, I bet you she's ten times prettier than whoever made that video. I was sad when I saw some ladies who wear over seven layers of makeup actually make fun of her.

The only problem I've had with some transformation videos is complete change of complexion which is mostly due to the much editing the artist and photographer may have done. That's why most times people feel like one underwent surgery. Anyways, that aside, if someone can look better than he or she already does, I don't see the reason why not.

I laughed at some comments of those shaming and mocking her. That very beautiful lady most likely already has a man who has seen her without makeup and yet loves her. Most of the ladies that don't have acne can't even land a man at all. I had to go to her page and tell her how remarkably awesome and cute she is. The funny thing is she didn't even care about what silly people had to say. She posted that her transformation video of herself, laughing at the fact that it was trending and people were using it to make their sad depreciated selves happy...she didn't even deny the fact that she had crazy acne...heck she didn't care.

So why those of you hateful lot keep killing yourself and labeling her a fraud, that girl has won a lot of hearts, I'm sure if she does have a boo already, he'd be proud. And so you know, acne/acne scars can actually be fixed...but foul shaming characters...doubt not. I've seen how cyber comments cant haunt people for long and drive them into depressions and then suicide. Some people have a hard time dealing with how they look and what people think about them. If making up helps make them feel just a tinsy bit better about themselves, why throw hateful slurs at them? It's all fun and jokes till someone for sure gets hurt.
Please ladies, don't let the fact that someone's needless opinion stops you from being the way you'd like to be. I've seen old pictures of celebrities and people in high most top actresses like Omotola, Genevieve, Mercy, etc have had their fair share of this normal skin issue called acne that plagues most of us female. So please while you keep trying to take care of your face, do continue to stay slaying and popping with your makeup as you wish. Forget the world and just do you. Stay lit!!

That's that for today....enjoy the rest of your week. Talk with Krystal ;)


  1. Anonymous26/5/16 19:25

    Preach sister!!!

  2. Annariela29/5/16 15:28

    The reason I don't let them do that before and after thing. Make me up and be on your way. U can take a picture of the finished work but no way am I letting you take my face when I know you'd over edit so people will think I'm ugly. But good one Krystal

  3. It seems to me that folks judge a person's looks strictly on complexion. Folks have a hard time looking past complexion (and makeup) to see facial features.
    Take this video for instance, you'll hear "she's ugly", instead of the more reasonable "her beauty is dulled by those blemishes". I've even heard folks call beautiful dark skinned women ugly.


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