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Imagine having cake in a different way asides being served in plates, foils or  wrappers....Picture savoring the taste like you were licking a lollipop...OH GOD....*drooling*

It's time to try something out of the ordinary. Traditional cake types could do pretty ok for your events; but have you ever thought of crossing boundaries, spicing up your dessert menus for your occasions or events....Being Extraordinary!!

It's not just enough to be normal. Normal is way too boring. Almost everyone can provide you with the customary big cakes and cup cakes. But not every one can give you the thrill and delectability that comes with having Cake Pops at your party. Not just your party....are you a sweet tooth? Want to have cake but not so much of it; just a little bite to satisfy your cravings? Look no further! WENDYZ CAKEPOPS is at your service.

It's not just cake, it's fused with a blend of chocolate/candy....well because just cake isn't enough. Let WENDYZ CAKEPOPS add glam and uniqueness to your birthday parties, your anniversaries, your graduation parties, retirement parties, a closed party of just you and few people you care about. Whatever the need be, WENDYZ CAKEPOPS is able to deliver effectively and efficiently with a whole lot of style. And well if you still need any other thing like the normal sized cakes and cup cakes, best believe you're in the best hands as far as cakes are concerned.

Hurry now and place/book your orders. Call or WhatsApp +2348036957159 or send an email to Also follow on instagram/twitter @wendyzcakepops.
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WENDYZ CAKEPOPS.......The Unique Blend To Your Dessert Table.


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    Where are you located in Nigeria please?


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