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New week...the month's end is just by the corner. How was your weekend? Fun, eventful, any surprises?

Well I did get a surprise this weekend; and not the type I would have wanted.

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Can I ask guys a question.....can't you ever just be friends with a girl...without wanting something more? Like I've had issues with being close friends with the opposite sex because they almost always want more. There was a time I made a rule to not have male friends that we could just hang out and chit chat about anything. Then I started receiving gist that I was probably a "lesbian" because I stopped chilling with most of my male buddies.

Anyways, fast forward to the present, I resolved we're all more matured now so once y'all are able to talk and set things straight from the get go, there'd be no issues.

This past weekend, everything went south for me mehn. I don't know if I saw it coming or not...Okay so I became really good friends with this colleague of mine at work. He's a good person, honestly! From the first day we interacted, I told him oh "this girl is a no-no, like I'm with someone"-----you know that kinda thing.

Me, in my innocent mind, would have never thought that my being all tight and good with this dude would result in him feeling anything more than the affection a friend would feel for another friend. Like we're really good friends people at work would refer to us as a couple, but we knew they were kidding. We'd joke and be like "let the real owner not kill somebody", you get that sorta thing.
And now, uncle has professed his 'undying love' for moi and how he just can't take his eyes off me at work..bla bla the normal lines y'all already know...da heck am I meant to do about it now ehn? Abi is it the whole work husband/wife thing that got into his head...honestly I can't say I'm sure.

See, trust me eh, I appreciate the fact that he was bold enough to tell me how he felt; and that he respected and felt that way about me, but bruva!! Things are now bound to get awkward at work. And when I told him I did appreciate but he already knew what was up, well, he said he knows...but there was a but... And then he went all "I know you hate me now (which by the way I don't) and you can do whatever you please"....told me how he's tried to love and could not get it or people taking advantage of him being a nice friend...Some emotional blackmail...

LOL! The type of person I am...I'd rather make everything look like a joke so it would at least slide for that moment; I tried it...I was even like the right one would come along soon enough... But nooooooooooo...he wasn't having none of it.....

Been avoiding his calls mahn, but somehow I'm gon have to face him at work today yes? This is the awkwardness I was talking about because I know myself, pim I won't fact I'm 98% sure we ain't gon be good friends...not anymore; because I'd be so uncomfortable to talk or chill like I normally would.

Would you now say I'm a bad person? I mean I did try...and I did tell him from the start that I was in the "no-date zone"....  I'm sure many girls have been in this impossible's tough I swear... I mean if I didn't have to see him everyday at work, it'd be easier to kill the matter from a distance...Pfftttt

Now I've come to the conclusion that you can't really be good friends with a single guy sha. If that guy's attention is not on someone else and you think ya just "kicking it"....I pirry you! Except of course the feeling is mutual, then "YAYYYY"...sigh!

From now onwards sef, before I become close friends with any brother, we have to verify hafa....make sure you're dating or liking someone else before we go all tight....unless I'm willing and ready to mingle of course...then maybe I could fact abeg I dunno again


It's your girl now with small drama, LOL....let's talk in the comment section

Keeping it Real 100% everytime, it's Krystal babies ;)


  1. Anonymous27/6/16 12:27

    Man and woman no fit be friends! Single guy close to single lady and just "hanging out" = One or both of them have feelings somewhere under all the smiles. This one is just pure biology, we can't even help it. Funny part is, they may not even know they have feelings oh, there'll just be a trigger one day and the truth will pop out. Also, the thing with emotions, for the most part we can't even control what/how we feel, what we can do is decide what to do with them.
    Your colleage, it's not even his fault, prolly liked you longer than you think, (ever heard that saying; "tell yourself a lie long enough, you'll begin to believe it, or it begins to sound like the truth" something like that) very possible the whole work-husby thing just continued to go into his head till he actually began to think it may actually work out, or also, possibly just to get it off his chest, so that he'll know for a fact that it wasn't going to work, instead of having to wonder forever "what if". It's not news that sometimes ladies could falsify info like that for a barrage of reasons. He wanted to let you understand that he'll like something more, just so at least you know where he stands, can't blame a brother for shooting his shot.
    A high percentage of the so called friendships we know are really a bunch of people living in denial, or too scared to tell the other party how they really feel. Yh there's a few that could just be honest & innocent friendship, but it's rare.
    Nothing is said in stone pliss, this is one random, probably inexperienced opinion. Plenty garbage, but there's gotta be some truth somewhere within..

    1. much wisdom and truth in what you've said hun. Thanks a lot. #REALTALK

    2. Anonymous28/6/16 21:00

      it's quite dicey if I am asked being that you want to be friends, and he wants a little more. Where the real issue lies is when you feel something, no matter how little it may be. This may come to bare at moments of vulnerability and may lead to some kind other things unplanned like "action film"... This is what causes most work related affairs sha. As for the brother he's clearly thinking below the belt, trust me.


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