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One of my girlfriends got jilted by (I usually don't use this word but I have to) a f*ck boy after five years of dating. Now it's not the number of years they've been together that really ticked me off and pushed me to write about it after all I've seen couples split after eight years of's the craziness of it all.

So apparently, the uncle wasn't in love with her....maybe in the first year, he was feeling it...but later on, there was nothing. There was nothing and for three more freaking years,  he held a lady down, with her thinking the so called relationship had a future.
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I was really sad for her because, out of all my friends yea, if there was anyone I thought won't get hurt by this was her. All of us were really rooting you know, because the picture we saw on the outside was pretty much perfect. It's just so messed up. And I'm like why lie for so long? The whole thing took me back to a relationship I once had......similar situation....dude I was dating just like that said he was never into me in the first place; Really?.....that type of thing is equivalent to emotional murder. Like if I remember how I was back then....naïve with an inferiority complex, one can only imagine the type of thoughts that might have gone through my head.

Most guys don't understand the damage they can cause by their actions one bit. Sometimes I don't really blame those that quit on life or love because of a heartbreak they may have suffered because I know I had such ideations in the past. Such things make people feel like they probably are not worth loving or being with. I mean it's like telling them "you're not good enough, I stayed with you out of pity because you won't find anyone better than me to love you".... The flying f*ck!! How can you deceive someone for so long; who knows who she may have met or given the chance to treat her right if he had not held her down for so long in a façade?? Like I can equate him to the devil that tries to take the best of many people's years. Very Very wicked and unfair!!

I could really connect with my dear friend on this one....even though I've been able to deal with my fair share of bullshit and still embrace love no matter what, this is just so messed up and I can't help but begin to think twice about everything before jumping the gun.

Ladies, do well to look out for signs...they may be staring you right in the face. Some guys are just callous and would not feel a thing when hurting you. Not everyone that sings I love you to your ears actually does. They're probably using you to keep body and soul till they deem okay to move on to the next person they feel is the real deal. Also to few of the good men who get played this way too, do same; because some girls can be very stupid and wait till the eleventh hour so they could leave you at the altar in the name of "not really being in love with you"....Amadioha will strike that mouth and your love ode!!

Please for the love of God and everything you hold dear in life, if you don't love someone, tell them. Talk things out. Don't stretch it for so long and play ridiculous mind games. Have human compassion. You're dealing with a fellow being here. Don't hinder someone from meeting the right person just because of your selfishness and wickedness. If you think they would be hurt or they won't find any one else....don't worry, you ain't God  biko. And whoever may have deceived you that you possibly were the best thing ever did you wrong. Don't kill someone's hopes of experiencing love in its truest and purest form.

This is for anyone and everyone who may have been heartbroken after giving your all for a very long time for something as wicked, as stupid and as silly as this. Believe me, the best is yet to come.

With so much love...........don't hold back, Talk with Krystal.

May your week be really blissful sweeties.


  1. That's messed up. Some of our men/women sha.
    Blessings to your friend.


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