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Ghen ghen ghen! Blogging might just land someone some time in prison.

Award winning lawyer Olumide Babalola served a lawsuit against popular blogger cum banana island mansion owner Linda Ikeji for using his pictures without permission and associating them with crime-related stories.

It's reported that he's demanding 50 million in naira in damages ( *Faints*). Babalola had actually written Linda to take down the stories which he said caused him psychological torture and violated his rights.....But if you know Aunty Linda by now, she definitely refused to do so.

Angered by this, Oga lawyer kuku did what he had to do resulting in Linda Ikeji being issued with an injunction restraining her from further use of his pictures. That's not all sef, Honorable Justice O.H. Oshodi also said she will be remanded in prison if she disobeys.

The case was adjourned to September 2016 for further hearing.....

One can only wonder what the outcome of the case would be