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Photo cred: Men's Health

Abeg, what's the deal with guys not shaving their armpits???? My God! What I saw yesterday was just too horrible to look at.

I understand most guys think it's manly to leave hair around that area...but damn the amount of microbes that have made your pit their abode...have you ever paused to think about them?

These same guys have girlfriends that would probably put their heads at that place when they're cuddling and snuggling up....eeeeewwww!! That's transference of micro organisms. Is that how the romance has reached ni?

A lot of you dudes subject your woman to a particular standard and if her armpit is unkept, you'd complain. So why can't you clean yourself up too? Why inflict people with such horror as to the bush you're raising under your arm? Not only is it nasty, boy the odour that oozes out......Lord have mercy. Why do you want to be wicked????

Maybe it's just me that thinks it's not nice at all...but abeg, I take God beg you, shave that thing. Shave it ohhhhhhhh!! Stop increasing Global warming. Help save our environment! God bless you as you do so inugo?

Lol....have an amazing Friday, and yes share your thoughts on with Krystal and if you can find me, hang out with moi ei...*wink*