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People of God come out oh! Our oga Presido is sick. The news is that he's down with Meniere's disease.

Premium Times report that Nigerian President, Muhammad Buhari is ill and being treated at the presidential villa. He reportedly has an infection in his left ear (referred to as Meniere's disease), a disorder of the inner ear that affects both hearing and balance. The disease is characterized by vertigo and fluctuating or permanent tinnitus and hearing loss and is caused by endolymphatic hydrops of which its causes are not well understood.

As such, a casual treatment for Meniere's disease does not exist. The president now suffers from hearing impairment and routinely complains of severe pains and unusual sounds from the affected ear.

According to Premium times, multiple sources in the Presidency say the president got the infection about two weeks ago and confirmed it to some dignitaries who visited him in the past few days, explaining to some of them that the illness is the reason he cancelled official trips within and outside the country.

He's currently being treated by his personal physician and other experts from the State House Clinic. An official said the president might seek treatment abroad if his condition does not improve in the next few days.

Okotorigba!!! Hope this doesn't turn out to be another Yaradua case.....we dey watch