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My Chief of Pharmacy staff at the hospital is one very down to earth human being I'm humbled to have come across. He's one of the rare breed of men a woman would long to be with.

He told me about a time he had a huge disagreement with his wife and how mad she got him. And then he lost his temper a bit and shouted at her. At that point, she began to cry. You know what he did? He knelt down immediately and begged her forgiveness. To him, he had wronged her because he made her shed a tear. Like when he was gisting me, I got teary eyed; funny right?... And you know what? After that his wife told him she knew she was at fault but he should not have shouted at her like she was a child...and he agreed to that.

Truth is women are funny characters. Trust me we can push your buttons, sometimes to just get your attention or just to make a lot of fuss. But remember you're a man. A real man would be able to overlook certain things and even take the fall no matter who's at fault. A good man who loves his woman would rather suffer than see her shed a tear. When he told me about this I just wondered how many men like this were out there? Surely not much, not with the numerous accounts of domestic violence we have been seeing.

I wish we had more of this type of men. Sometimes all a lady wants is someone who'd just be their own person no matter what...they'd rather you stick by them and later, when they're calm they would be the ones to come meet you and apologize totally..

Hope I made a little sense....but do you guys think it's okay for the guy to the one to say sorry no matter what?

Thank The Lord It's Friday. Let's chat a and keep it real with your girl Krystal ;)


  1. Anonymous10/6/16 09:40

    Why should men be the 'scape goat'? It is funny when you are there expecting a guy to always say sorry because women are the 'weaker' vessel or ship? Stay there, expect sorry. smh!

  2. Lol. I "don't expect" sorry per say hun. I've seen good men who would want peace to reign. Of cos the lady should apologize if she's at fault. But doesn't mean the man should go off on her. Like I said, women have serious issues, everyone knows that. Your ability to handle them with discernment/sensitivity shows how much of a man you are. Thanks darl for reading and sharing. Hope u hv fun today

  3. For peace sake, I agree with the Pharmacist. Apologize yet stand ur ground as the man. Kinda same thing between me and my lady... ladies are a handful indeed.

  4. Apologizing doesn't always mean someone is right or wrong. It just means they value their relationship more than their ego. My S.O would apologize even when he knows I'm wrong & he has made a mistake of taking it too far and I would apologize right back and the issue is dead and gone. I would apologize when I realize I've been crappy all along and he has been taking it without complaint. There's a certain balance to it that cannot be achieved without an in depth understanding of one another.

  5. It is ok for a guy to apologize if he is wrong.
    However, I'd like to point out that it is damn hard to respect a woman who is deliberately full of it. You'll be tolerated not respected.
    If you KNOW you're full of shit please stop! It is unfair having to put up with bullshit when I'm taking you seriously.

    1. Correction: It's ok for a guy to apologize even if he has done nothing wrong.

  6. YES, men should always make the women feel appreciated, but then the frequency of saying "am sorry" no matter who is faulty should be curtailed as such because the lady with a character would always take advantage of it. hope i made sense

    1. U totally did hun. Thank you #RealTalk

    2. U totally did hun. Thank you #RealTalk