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The title of this post got me laughing to myself already. Not like I know much about anything though (sips tea) this is mostly up to you the experts in the building.

Sooo.....I was just laid back yester night , having my usual random discussion with my bffs, exchanging ideas and out of the blues, this just comes really sent us into deep thoughts. And I'm like "If your man is the type that cries when he's about to get to or at that point of culmination or explosion of mind/brain cells aka climax, what would your reaction be?"

LOL! Before anyone begins to get any ideas, we're just gisting here and of course, learning. Like you get married now and your wedding night this is the type of thing you experience; or conventionally the guy you just started dating is the type to cry "MUMMY" when overly excited....nne biko, what's the first thing that'll enter your head? Will you still continue sef? Would that automatically end the relationship? Like what do you think will happen?


I've read about criers and I've seen funny clips on social media and video series. Honestly, it's a huge turn off. My girls would ask "What sort of guy cries or screams for his mother during sex or when reaching orgasm?".... Well, maybe he's a very emotional person ni.....maybe crying means it's much more than just the physical part of the intimacy, maybe he's crying because his soul left him while doing the deed, or the life of his eggplant is now rooted deep in the garden it entered. It could be real tears of joy as sex and orgasm are known to...oh well, produce very happy emotions in a lot of men. You know women most times would rather moan as do most men. But few men can't contain very intense and pleasurable sensations that their natural response would be to cry out loud, sometimes with the first word that pops into their head and the next thing you know, they've broken down into tears.

For some, it could mean his "cornplant" yaf break pata pata...he yaf over do the do *Laughs in Swahili*

But seriously, if it were me and I was in the said situation....if that brother cries, I'm sorry I'mma laugh the heck outta my ass, probably give him a peck him on the forehead and then console the both of us that it happens to the best *sigh*, after all I cannot come and leave hubby because he's a cry baby....he's just a teeny bit more sensitive. All the same, it's a huge turn off and I would definitely pause (that's if the crying comes before the grand finale), ask "kilode, what happened?" and maybe be withdrawn just for a little while;or even tell him sorry, I mean maybe I indeed broke something. And if it happens at the end, I'd laugh like I said before and find a way to shake it off.

Over to you....what will you do if he cried while y'all getting your groove on? And guys, how many of you are "excited/joyful criers in bed?"

Abeg make we yarn jor....Keep it real my darlings with your own home girl, Krystal ;)


  1. Anonymous14/6/16 10:38

    LOLS! This one is strong!!!!! I have no idea though! Just like Krystal, what do i know? *Tongue Out*

    1. Lwkmdh😂brother/sister I'm still waiting for the experts

  2. First time I'm hearing of a dude crying during sex o....he's abnormal abeg

  3. Crying when riding is scary asf. I'll turn off immediately, cus I don't get. Did something break, or is he having a moment? Na na.... I'm never gon see that dude again.
    But if it happens after...Ho my God,( in falz voice). I mean after the grand finale, all I want him to say is #wehdonema# for a wonderful fiasco.

  4. looooool......if you call your girlfriend mummy, then there is nothing wrong in saying mummy when cumming or about to come, that's what female friends fail to share during their "gist" that my bf says mummy (without telling them tht it's her petname in the bedroom just as how girls say daddy) and her friends would start thinking he is wierd etc..... i see no reason why u should be freaked out about a guy shedding a tear or two( which i'm sure mostly happens not crying like a baby they collected icecream from{girls and exaggerating}) after all girls cry after winning beauty pagent which doesn't make sense to me at least...... sex is sweet so allow the tear shedders to shed their tears in peace....they are just the emotional type that are not scared of showing that part of themselves to you

  5. Lol well I can't tell cz I don't cry nor say utter much though.. But if a girl can call the guy Daddy in bed.. What's wrong with mummy??


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