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THE F*CKERY OF THE LAW ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM: Missing Charity Aiyedogbon's Case

Hey KRYSTALS, sorry it's taken me this long to write. Life as an intern pharmacist has been taking it toll on me man. Anyways I'm here now.

A blog reader drew my attention to some fvukd up  b.s that happened not too long ago. If you've been following the story of a missing divorced mother of three in Abuja, you'd probably know what I'm talking about. So let me give you a quick run down of the gist.

Okay, so the woman in the picture is Charity Aiyedogbon also known popularly as Deepdeal Chacha De Hammer on her facebook page. She's based in Abuja and has been separated from her husband who has her three kids. Charity has been missing since the 9th of May, 2016 after she informed her facebook audience she was going on a road trip. Both her cell numbers have been switched off since then and the police have still not be able to get any concrete news concerning her whereabouts or proof of life/death.

The sorry part of this case, aside her being missing, is that, instead of the police to go after the obvious suspect, her ex husband, they went after the person she was dating before she went missing. Why do I think it should have been the husband you might ask....for the following points below
- The husband during the divorce, took away everything including her Deep deal company and then her children; prevented the kids from seeing her fact a close source says the divorce was very messy
- She only went missing after bearing witness against her ex husband on an ongoing investigation into his finances (apparently his billions as a civil servant are being questioned)
- Charity already made it known that she was scared for her life as she kept receiving threats which even led her to install CCTV cameras around her home
- There was a pot of fresh pot soup (which had gone sour by the time her apartment was searched) that was untouched.....

Now this same husband who would most likely have ulterior motives to abduct his ex-wife and eliminate her  arrested Charity's boyfriend and accused him of kidnapping....pretending like he indeed has no idea

This to me, goes to show you how shitty the police force can be. So, because this boyfriend of hers has no connections, no billions or someone to speak for him, he was arrested and charged with no proof, as a suspect in a missing person's case. Quick question: Between someone who's loving up a woman and someone who's been having a feud that probably may have lasted a lifetime, who do you think would want to do harm to her?

Her ex husband is even married to her then BFF and has the guts to arrest someone else for the disappearance of a woman he doesn't even care about....I'm baffled as to how the police could be so ignorant to obvious facts, be blinded by money and go after the wrong person.

Now after the arrest, the guy was granted a bail of N200k which was cut down to 100k... Ideally he should not even have paid a dime. By law, if within 48 hours no evidence surfaces to render a person guilty of a crime, you set the person free. Alas, they extorted that amount of money from an innocent person. In fact, he should have had legal presentation, they should not even have talked to him without a lawyer being present; but then again that's the messed up law enforcement system we have in Nigeria. As far you're a mare commoner, they can do with you whatever they want...they immediately play God and decide your fate guilty or not.

Kelvin Berry, the guy in question has been released.....I'm happy he's out of there notwithstanding the b*llsh*t he had to go through.

However, Charity is still very much missing. If anyone has useful information on her whereabouts, please inform the nearest police station (I know some people would rather not as it's possible they could be detained for no just reason). You can also email me and I'd do my best to relay the info to close parties. We pray she's found alive and well. I'd advice the police to interrogate her so called ex-husband and ensure they've done everything right before throwing innocent people in prison.

So dearies, leave your thoughts on this issue in the comment section...let's interact a bit more. Keeping it real, always your girl Krystal ;)