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Just when we thought Cleveland was about to even out the series, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors  found a way late in the game to steal an away win from Cleveland.

Last night, heading into the game, after being bullied by the Cavs in the previous game (3), it looked like the Cavs would even out the series, and it looked like that up until midway through the third quarter and then the Golden State Warriors just took over, outscoring Cleveland in both the third and fourth quarters.

To be fair, both teams had players with solid numbers. The splash brothers finished with a combined 63 points (hitting 11 out of 22 from deep), Kyrie Irving finished with 34 points and Lebron James flirted with a triple double, finishing with 25pts 13reb and 9ast, but it came down to the resilience of the Warriors in the final minutes. Barely 5 minutes left in the third quarter, the Cavs still led the game by 3 points but a trey from Iguodala evened out the score, and down the stretch Steph just looked possessed, scoring 20 points from barely 4 minutes left in the third quarter through the fourth. To put this in perspective, he had only 18 points till this point in the game.
The golden state Warriors throughout this playoffs have been notorious for having so many come back stories, from Steph's 17 overtime points to lead the Warriors to a late victory against Portland, to them also bouncing back from a 1-3 series deficit against the OKC Thunder, winning 3 straight games and eventually the series, and now also, Steph Curry coming out from wherever he's been hiding for the past 3 games of this series to shoot the lights out and leave The Land with a win..

Needless to say, heading into game 5 in Oakland, personally I expect the Warriors to seal the deal at home.

They've lost only 1 home game this post season (To the thunder), and an opportunity to win the title in front of their home crowd is too good an opportunity to play around with. This is a team that lost only 9 games out of 82 in the regular season...who'd really expect another team to beat them 4 times in 7 ?
Food for thought..