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Hi guys! It's born today. The natural hair section of the Krystal Talks blog! Join us on this whirlwind ride of fun & exploration of going back to our roots, literally!
:) My name is Enee & I'm a naturalista! I decided to put this post up today because today marks my one year nappyversary (that's anniversary in curly girl terms, ICYMI). This means I've been natural for one year and counting. This post is to essentially let you know how to transition, why if you need a reason and yeah, to share my own experience with y'all too.
I want to start this off by saying that natural hair is only really for the strong hearted. I saw a post by a natural friend of mine when I still had relaxed hair which read 'Natural hair is not for the weak' and I rolled my eyes and went 'Pffttt! How hard can it be'. I have swallowed all my 'Pffttts' over the course of one year but make no mistake, I have NO single regret having done it, I love it soooo much & would not go back for anything!
I first became attuned to the concept of natural hair in my 2nd year of college when one of my friends who had previously dyed her hair decided to cut it all of and go natural because she had so much breakage. I was so confused and kept wondering how she would comb and maintain hair that wasn't relaxed. Another friend followed suit because she was tired of 'dull and dead hair'. It was all new and I was still taken aback but I decided to try it. I wasn't even up to 50% sure I wanted to at the time because I had very long and full relaxed hair (I'll insert the pics below) but I decided to go with the flow.

 The next 6 months were probably the most painful in relation to hair that I had ever gone through in my life.  I gave up and relaxed my hair after the 6th month. Fast forward 2 years to my final year when I had gotten fully aware about natural hair and also understood the various reasons why people were reverting back to it. I realized my relaxed hair, as full and thick AND long as it was at the time wasn't still retaining length. It was breaking a lot but people never noticed because it always seemed full. I also realized I hadn't been doing much with my relaxed hair at the time because really, nothing can be done with bone straight dead hair as it doesn't hold styles or curls. I made up my mind then, without subconscious influence from anyone around me doing it that I was done with relaxed hair and relaxers. I transitioned for 6 months, again but this time I had my own reasons for doing so and as such, didn't flinch when I had to chop all my relaxed hair off.

An interesting point lost in this story is basically knowing how to transition. The moment I decided I was going back to natural hair, I started treating every strand of hair on my head as if it were natural. I stayed away from heat, wore protective styles a lot (Braids, Wigs, Closure etc.) quit leaving out my hair, did a few deep conditioning treatments using bananas, mayonnaise, eggs, etc. & most importantly, started using sulfate free shampoos & conditioners. These boosted my hair growth a lot over the time period.
Also, there are various reasons why one would consider transiting. These can be
Breakage from chemical use be it the creamy crack (Relaxer LOL) or dyes
Dryness & brittleness from use of heat
Dull & dead hair
Unhealthy looking hair
Inability to retain length & volume
Injuries & burns to the scalp as a result of using relaxers and a whole lot more!
There abound so many other reasons why different people transition. I would always advise to have your own personal reason(s) for doing so as that will always serve as a strong motivator. As we go on we would define the various natural hair vocabularies, hair classifications, treatments, styles & basically everything else we need to know on the natural, healthy hair journey. Leave your comments, questions or share with us why you did or want to transition. Have a spelendid day and remain be-YOU-tiful. :)


  1. Your hair is so beautiful Enee... I'm looking forward to more posts from you as we are in this journey together������������

  2. Hair of life!
    I doubt i can ever cut my hair

    1. LOL you can! If I could do it trust me it's not that hard. But you'll need your own reasons to serve as your motivation. Thanks :)

  3. Beautiful. Natural hair all the way

  4. It's been 7 months since I cut my hair and I can't even get a bun...seems like the hair is stagnant like it doesn't want to grow and it's not soft at all! I admire your hair...I can't wait to get more tips from you


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