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If you've been following the drama with Tamar Braxton and her dismissal from her job as one of the hosts of the TV show, THE REAL, then you'd may know that there's been a couple of conspiracy theories fuelling the situation; with Tamartians suggesting she was backstabbed by one of her colleagues.

Anyways, Tamar's interview on Steve Harvey's FM show gave the idea that she had moved on coupled with the announcement of her getting her own show; However, Braxton Family Values aired an episode last night of Tamar reacting to being fired from the program (THE REAL) and being comforted by her sister.

Following the broadcast of that episode, executives at THE REAL were allegedly angered and sent 'cease and desist' letters to Tamar and her husband Vince who was also a producer on the show.

According to Daily Mail, the executives are upset that Tamar is insinuating that her cohosts played a role in her firing. In the episode of BFV yesterday, Tamar and her husband/manager Vincent Hebert continued to insinuate that her former co-hosts played a part in her termination. In a scene, Vince declares the co-hosts were always jealous of Tamar's success and that Loni in particular always had it out for Tamar.

Daily Mail reports that Warner Bros fired off legal letters to WE TV about last night's episode claiming that if anything on the show's reenactment further taints THE REAL or violates Tamar and Vince's non-disclosure agreement, they plan to pursue litigation.

There are some reports that Vince was aware that his wife was fired from the show two weeks before he actually told her......(this has not be proven true or false yet).

If you thought that was all, sorry to burst your bubble. News also swirling is that THE REAL is threatening to expose Tamar with videos of her blowing up on executive producer Rachel Miskowiec (no shiiiiittt). Daily Mail says that in addition to sending letters to WE TV, Warner Bros is also threatening to release multiple videos of Tamar going crackers on set. Sources close to THE REAL believe Tamar and Vince are trying to portray her as the victim because they need to find a new gig now that they've lost the Real......but honestly, Tamar seems to be able to do even better without them.