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Have you ever paused for a second to wonder how some people who are privileged enough to be born, not just with silver spoons, but diamond spoons in their mouths turn out to be complete nuisances and wastes in life?
Hmm, I was gisting with a colleague of mine at the hospital yesterday and she shared two cases in which both people involved were extremely well to do, but have refused to become useful to themselves. While in school, we had a couple of them....they're still there sef, some still trying to scale through first year of college. The part that ticks me off sometimes is the fact that most of them just don't want to do anything at all, like no effort is being made to ensure the parents or sponsors don't waste much more money.

My colleague told me about one of her friends she actually cared about enough to talk to her and tell her to just try a little and stop frustrating her thing about this particular set of people is that once you decide to be a good friend and caution them, they assume you're judging; exactly what happened in her case. Truth is no one is saying you should not enjoy life or have fun, but you should be able to live life with a focus. You get? In fact I feel the parents of these people may have really offended them oh, because I don't get how you would be comfortable wasting money that is hard to come by these days, be deceiving your folks that you're actually making something of yourself in school and feel nothing whatsoever in your's sad.
Maybe it's because these parents don't even care enough to check on the welfare of their children, because if they knew how they were faring, they'd cut them off and make sure they know there are consequences for stupid decisions like flunking school. My parents would have already brought me back home and told me to sell akara or learn a trade ni, abi you don't want to go to school? In fact, it's even true; school is not everybody. So if you think your destiny lie somewhere else, why not put the energy you use in killing time and being a junky to earning your own money from your craft? Like just be someone not a nobody living a lie because you're fortunate enough to have well to do parents.
Remember every condition can quickly switch up at the slightest second. Your mates are steady moving forward in life and you're still at square one. Think about your life just for five minutes and reason if your sole purpose is to get drunk, get high/wasted and die afterwards.. Your parents were hardworking enough to get that money they're using to make you someone in life....why not take advantage of the opportunity given you and be even better than them? If it's something they did to you that's making you act up and misbehave, abeg forgive them so you can achieve your fullest potential.
I don't even know if this would get one person to just be better and do better....there's so much more to life than just being a junky and party animal. Let's shine together. Don't just be matter occupying space and having me that's waste of sperm cells which could have been used for something better (I think, probably discarded in the toilet)...
Oh well, till next time, your girl Krystal keeping it real 100. Much love.

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