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Avocado-Mayonnaise Hair Mask - DIY HAIR PROTEIN TREATMENT

Hey guys! Today's episode features one of my many tricks to achieving full strong hair (Trust me, it's not all genes Lol ). In the natural hair journey, it's important to remember that our hair strands are made up of keratin which is protein and as such, any protein like product added to the hair aids its strength by preventing breakages and also nourishing the hair. There are vast varieties of protein treatments and the best part is that they are DIY (Do It Yourself, check our last post for natural hair terms). This means that they can be readily made from natural ingredients around us which saves a lot more money as opposed to store bought products which although very good, might be on the high end. Today's DIY is an Avocado Mayonnaise Hair Mask which consists of the following;
2 Avocados
Half a jar of mayonnaise
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
Half a cup of Honey
Lump of Shea Butter (Tennis ball size)
Water added in drops
The sizes of these ingredients can be adjusted depending on the hair size. I started out using half a slice of avocado &  a tablespoon of mayo, olive oil, coconut oil etc. other oils such as Jojoba oil, black castor oil, Argan oil etc can be added but are not always readily available hence their exclusion from the list. Eggs can also be added for people with brittle hair as it toughens the hair. I originally added eggs but stopped because my hair is already quite strong (this one might be resultant of the genes Lol)

Here's how to make this simple but very nourishing hair food
•Simply add the olive oil and coconut oil into the mayonnaise and stir till the mixture is uniform
•Add honey and stir likewise
•Add the lump of Shea butter (can be melted before adding if desired) and stir. The mixture will be a bit lumpy at this point but it'll be taken care of in the next step

•cut open your avocados, scoop the fleshy green part into a blender (exclude the seeds and brown back) and pour in the lumpy mixture of the previous ingredients.
•Blend adding water in drops until a uniform creamy mixture is gotten and voila! Your creamy nourishing hair food is ready!

Steps to application
•If your hair is big enough to pack into buns, divide into 4 sections. If not, choose an area to begin with be it the front or back.
•Untie each bun and start your application from the roots working your way to the ends. Do same for shorter hair.
After hair has been completely covered in the mixture, fluff it all back together using your fingers and then wear a clean shower cap or any water proof material that'll prevent it dripping on your clothes (remember to wear dark clothes or clothes that are no longer in use as it can be quite messy.

•Allow the protein treatment stay on for at least four hours or less if desired (I sometimes sleep with mine because the longer it stays, the better) BUT, endeavor to cover your pillow sheets with a liquid proof material to avoid staining.
•Whenever you think you've had it on for as long as you want, gently remove the cap and wash out the mask. Again, for people with longer hair it would be easier to partition the hair into four sections and wash one after the other. Wash till the water runs clear. Now you can decide to not wash your hair with conditioner leaving it softer post mask wash or you can choose to condition it if you feel the need to. I had to wash mine with shampoo and conditioner as I hadn't shampooed in a long time

Holy Grail Shampoo &  Conditioner 
•If you then choose to condition, apply from the roots to the ends, completely saturating the hair and leave for 10 - 20 minutes with a clean shower cap(or again, as long as you want) for intense moisturizing.
Conditioner Text Shot
•Afterwards, wash out conditioner, taking note of how soft your hair feels. Apply your oils & creams and style as desired! How easy was that? ;)

Please leave your comments or questions & do tell us what protein treatments you employ to achieve your be-YOU-tiful hair.


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