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I usually don't comment on some blogs like the popular Instablog9ja on instagram because the hate people spew on there is real!!

God! I spent some time literally going through all the comments and it's sad to see that people derive joy in putting each other down regardless of how the other person may feel.
 Whatever happened to making points decently and criticizing constructively? People don't know what they do to each other with hurtful words. A lot of folks have gone into withdrawal from the world, depression and suicide all because of this horrible act of bullying. It's bad enough we have physical bullies in school and our places of work and so on....then you have to go out of your way to bring some one to the lowest point just because you want to feel superior or have some sort of higher power over another human being.....some really f*cked up b.s.

Okay on Saturday, for the first time in my life....I commented on one of the posts on this particular blog. And while others applauded how I was able to be respectful and courteous, some other person wanted to find faults though. I still defended myself with respect to both sides and went on to apologize if whatever I said was wrong or came across offensive. I went on to say it's only but social media and there's no need to bash each other. I mean you can always correct someone nicely and with a very good manner of approach. Many people were surprised by my actions; I doubt I've been tagged or dm'd so much in a short period of time.

The world is so damaged right now people need to love a lot more. LOVE, LOVE and LOVE SOME MORE!! Kill haters, loathers, trolls and saddists with Love. Help make someone's day a bit easier not more difficult. Let your words encourage and build someone's life not destroy it. The world could be a much better place to live in if we can just release a little bit of positive energy every now and then. You gain absolutely nothing in bullying your fellow human being, but rather you probably become an indirect murderer. Your kind words can save a person's life. Most of the people that bully on line are not even half better off than their victims, yet they somehow kill them emotionally and worse still physically.

I can only talk much...but I have decided to learn to keep my mouth shut if I can't say anything good. Even if I don't support something, I'd say it in the most kindest way I can. I will not be responsible for someone feeling awful about themselves. I will not bring someone down just so I can feel superior. I will to the best of my ability, spread love and encourage others to do same.

Make that your pledge to humanity. Say NO to CYBERBULLYING. Help heal the world and make it a better place.

Keeping it real just for y'all...forever the same, loving and talk-talk baby girl, Krystal ;)


  1. I confess I do not take the issue of cyber bullying seriously.
    To me, putting someone down, except jokes of course, over the web or even real life is weakness. On the other hand listening to and internalising such talk is foolishness.


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