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Have Our Expectations Of S*x Been Altered By Entertainment and Social Media?

A friend presented this real life situation...and urged me to present it to y'all lovely people. Maybe some of you would be able to relate....Anyways, lemme give you the full gist.

So this couple had been dating for a while and they were quite happy together. They were saving themselves until marriage; but one day got to making out and she wanted to have a look at...well, the man's 'equipment'. This sister decided to lay hands on his D and as she did, it didn't acknowledge her presence (if you know what I mean). She then opened to be sure of what was happening only for her to see that 'junior' was too small for her and was still flaccid.

Alarmed, she crazed herself with thoughts of how she would cope when they finally get married. Like the man is a good man, really successful, everything you'd probably want in a man; but that part made her lose it. Apparently the man noticed she was disappointed and his ego was broken. Well this lady was already thinking of ways to keep herself "happy"...but at the end of the day, she knew they would only grow apart and as such, she ended things with him.

She moved on to another guy...this time, she said he was average...normal....okay. She didn't want a repeat of her last experience and decided to take this one's equipment for a test run. According to her, the sex was just there and she wanted spectacular (MOGBE!!). She then took her problem to God in prayer because to her it was really important that her man satisfy her really well.

God can answer some prayers you don't expect him to finally because her next boo was well endowed....extremely. Guess what her next complaint was? Her pum pum could not accommodate it. The guy was understanding and took his time with her, tried to make sure he didn't hurt her down there and kept telling her it would be okay once they did it on the regular. This sister began to think may be she prayed too much or God was trynna discipline her a bit. Anyways she finally stopped feeling the pains but she complains she's not able to walk for like 2 days.....but she keeps asking herself if maybe she was deceived by what she sees in the movies or it's just something wrong with her. Plus she's not ready to move to another man before it seems like she's a sex craved human being or loose woman.

The truth is.... I feel our generation's expectation of sex is a tad bit on the high side. I remember one time I said size doesn't really matter; someone may not be so endowed down there but he'd know how to satisfy his woman. Plus it takes two to tango. Like you and your spouse should work together to achieve your goal...if you didn't know, Sex is team work. It's not just one person that wants to be satisfied you get? Now because of some crazy pressures and all what not, some people have resorted to other means (including implantation) just so they don't have a broken ego.

Look at the case of this woman for example. Someone that had agreed with a good man to save herself till they were going to settle has had intercourse with not just one but three more people after him because she searching for the wow factor portrayed in all them novels, movies, p*rn and probably her friends' bants and the likes we see on social media. She could have easily gotten him help, may be find out if something was wrong physically or psychologically, because it's been proven that sometimes psychological health matters in these things. Like if he's stressed or scared he might not be what you desire or has a whole lot on his mind, believe you me, Johnny will not rise up!!

Trust me, it's important your partner does it just right, but are you sure he's not already doing it right? Many marriages have crashed for hear wives bad mouthing their husbands and considering adultery, citing examples of how A or B would have been able to go long and all....

Anyway sha, what do you think? Do you think our mentality has been messed up by all these 'overhypes' from entertainment and social media?  Should couples learn to get it right themselves and not expect some magic madness during intercourse?

Whatever your thoughts are, share them with your girl Krystal and do have yourself a blissful week.