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It's very common for women to fake an orgasm during love that's one of the numerous things we're fashioned to do quite easily. It's hard to tell the difference most of the time between the real thing and when she's just trying to make the guy feel good about himself. One of the biggest mysteries of all time is whether or not that climax she had was real.

A friend of mine could not help but bring the ish to me, as he wasn't sure if his moves or strokes did get his woman go bananas for real, or if she was being nice to him so as not to bruise his ego. He was like even some times when he knows he didn't bring his A game on, she still says he's one of the seven wonders of the world.

So are you in this same situation? Here's how to know she's faking it so good...

1. Now, when she's screaming your name, be sure to take note. Ladies are not the type to be cute when moaning or screaming your name during sex.. If she’s about to cum she'd be sweating at least a little (sometimes it's your sweat sef that would be on her skin soooo don't bank solely on this). Her whole body should feel hot and she’ll probably be speaking in tongues. If her body temperature hasn’t increased then she’s faking it!!

2. The muscles all over her body will tighten up and contract causing a slight spasm (like trembling between her thighs and also her abdomen). That’s something you can see and feel so that’s a big hint whether it’s the real thing or not. So if she ain't shaking...(not forcing it, you'd actually see the thighs shivering like she's got a cold or something), she's totally faking it.

3. If she takes off out of bed like a bat out of hell, that doesn't bode well. Generally, after a woman has an orgasm, she'll want to lay there and revel for a minute or two afterward (even longer). An eagerness to jump straight out of bed definitely indicates a faked orgasm.

4. Another good indicator of an orgasm is a woman's breathing. Labored breathing usually means than an orgasm actually occurred. Easy, calm breathing is not typical after a real orgasm, but is to be expected after a fake orgasm

5. If you can, check her clitoris. If they're not a bit visibly swollen or quite sensitive to touch, best believe that she so faked it!

 6. This last point is easy. You should feel her "cumming" when you're in there. Her vajayjay and uterus will contract about ten to fifteen times and you’ll feel her clenching rapidly. Sure she can try to fake it by tightening around you but it’s impossible for her to do it as fast as the real thing.

Okay I'm done....Ayaf talked, talk your own *LMAO*....Yass my darlings, talk more about this with Krystal ;)...see you in the comment section yea?


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