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'I Have Slept With 5000 Men' - Oldest Prostitute in Nairobi Tells Her Story

64 year old Rosemary Johns, mother of 8 children says she has slept with 5000 men. According to the popular Kenyan Newspaper (The Nairobian), she was born and partly raised in Tanzania and then went to Nairobi, Kenya, where the hard life forced her into commercial sex in 1984. She got married at 16, but her husband began neglecting her after she gave birth to five children.

Rosemary figures that she could serve up to 40 men on a good day and between 5 and 10 men on a bad day. The staunch baptised Christian who never misses church on Sunday, is considering to retire. She says she had started small leso business after getting Ksh70,000 loan from a local bank, but fire razed down her house and shop in March, 2016, forcing her back to prostitution. She said: “It has been a long journey and I’ve slept with more than 5,000 men in more than 20 years