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Okay I suppose y'all have seen a lot of pictures all over social media of certain "special" couples. Yea they seem to be breaking the internet of late.

The first one that got everyone talking (both positive and negative) was Miss Naki Tetteh and her heartthrob Kojo. Boy were we amazed by the pre wedding photos. And while some thought it was all true love, other people said the guy was probably forced into it, or it was for money...or something like that.

They're both married now in case you didn't already know that. We were still trying to wrap our heads of how feasible this union could be and then, BAM! The Louisiana couple celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary not just broke but shattered the internet with quite remarkable photos I must say
facebook/ [Tynedria Meneweather Belle and her husband of five years]
Aswear, after I saw these photos...I was like "Who Slim fit epp??" Like they've been freaking married for five years and most thin chicks can't get a decent guy to date. I even resolved that I'm going to begin 'weight gain therapy'; maybe that's what the guys want now *smirks*...
Now from a distance I would feel these folks are indeed happy and this is true love. I mean we don't see this everyday. For them to have been together this long as compared to couples most people would consider normal....but who knows I could be wrong and there might be more to their stories.
Well as always, I love getting people's opinions about things like this. This time I didn't even go to the man go marry us abi? I got crazy comments though.
One guy said it's outrageous and very suicidal....I burst into laughter. I asked why he thought so. See his reply:
"If you're alone in the house and something happens, how do you carry such a load? Unless you run and go for help"
Ahhh...he called it load! And he was actually backed by some other people too. He went on to say:
"I don't want to lose my partner because I wasn't able to carry her in times of medical emergencies, and that when it comes to s*x not all positions can be practiced; you will be limited to a few"
I laugh in Swahili....but as much as we try to be positive about this trend and be happy that such type of love if at all does exist, I can also see things from another angle.
Let's be honest, this body size is not healthy...for any reason. A lot of health morbidities can arise; from hypertension to myocardial infarction, diabetes and the likes of them. Like I should expect one would want to live long for themselves and their loved ones. And even though what the guy said seems funny, it actually makes times of trouble, would she be able to escape or would the husband be able to save her? Even the sexual aspect of their relationship is indeed limited because I've tried to picture in my head how they would be able to pull off certain moves in bed.....I feel like they would just go on "missionary" journey all the time. I don't even blame people who think the men were coerced into the marriages or they got married to them for money because it's very much possible, it happens.
Anyways, to each his own. Maybe the guys like extra something to grab in bed...or they need enough body warmth...or they have a thing or two for really big women; whatever tickles their fancy I guess. If they say they're happy, we can only wish them well and be happy too for them. I love love if this is indeed love, a girl might just have to add some meat to get real love from a decent fine man around here...or what do you think? LOL!
Oya time don reach, y'all been dulling me of late, But for reals, let's talk. What do you think about this particular trend? Do big girls have it better than "slim fit" chicks?
Always your girl, Krystal...keep it real!


  1. I do not think so. I think big girls have it tougher than slimmer women.


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