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So I came across this post on Facebook that was like couples should not have s*x from 12am to 3am. I think many of you must have seen the post, because it caused a serious ruckus last week and a lot of people did have plenty to say.

First of all, before I give my two cents on the matter, let's look at the post so we can dissect it very well yea?

Respect to the man of God in question....but this rather took me aback. So it's not just bad but dangerous for married couples to do what they are meant to be doing as a couple between 12am and 3am because they are "spiritually dense hours" of the day? The part of the angels being sent around that time to answer prayers and  forbidden to see the sexual nakedness...LOL...I don't even want to go into that....but like my friend would say, "Who found out God sends his Angels by that particular time?"....I mean, no one knows exactly the mind of the Almighty. He can do as He wills when He wants or decides.

My question is, married people that have had a long day's work, come home, rest a bit and get in the mood around that time should do gini? Drink hot tea and pray for the feeling to go away until past 3am? O di egwu!!

Another friend of mine said "It's true that to receive anything from God, the Christian has to strategically position him/herself well in terms of purity and holiness as well as faith"

Please press pause. So doing with your husband/wife around that time is impure and unholy? Amazeballs!! Ever wondered why some spouses of pastors and their likes complain of being s*x starved in their marriage? That their husband/wife only pays attention to the supposed "flock" they are leading or to their prayer and worship sessions that can last forever? Most of them even think getting down (whether in freaky ways or not) is marriage!! So please why are you married oh? You owe your spouse the right of satisfaction...and the best satisfaction for that matter ni.

Please nobody should get me wrong. It's not bad to be spiritual. That should rather strengthen your marriage not destroy it. Someone said marriage was an agreement.....well to some extent that's true; but would you say that when your partner is in that zone (you know what I mean), you'd tell him/her "babe, let's reschedule our time for making. We would consummate by 10:00pm  and end 10:45pm?" ABIA!! Making timetable for s*x with your legally married partner; the one you married in the presence of the same Almighty God...interesting.

I just don't get it though. I mean you're married! Even unmarried folks be doing the most and you that has legal right to do it anytime in the craziest of ways will now be dulling. Whenever you're in the mood you should just jump on it! This is one good reason people look for satisfaction outside their matrimonial homes. If it's not the woman saying "Not now, spiritual battle", it's the man giving one or two justifications why they can't lay together at a particular time. And when issues begin to rise, they say they're growing apart...whose fault???

A pastor once said "SATISFY YOUR SPOUSE else catastrophe befalls thee"... People keep using the excuse of spiritual welfare and all not to do the needful. If that was all that mattered, the Most High would never have approved marriage naw. Let me refer to my beautiful parents. My mother...she's a prayer warrior, she can pray her way through anything; helps my dad to even be spiritually sound. But she dares not deny the man what he needs. Someone would now come and tell them to stop it because "spiritual forces are flying around that time"....Fly on!! The prayers they've kabashed since got them covered, and if you think the angels would not do God's will because of that....well God has been answering their prayers very very very well!!

I believe you can pray anytime and the time for giving yourself pleasure rightly deserved doesn't have to be planned. God will even bless me more if as a wife, I satisfy my husband and prevent his eyes from wandering and committing adultery in the end.

According to 1st Corinthians 7:4-7, it's written "A wife is not the master of her own body, but the husband is; in the same way a husband is not he master of his own body, but his wife is. Do not refuse and deprive and defraud each other except by mutual consent for a time so that you may spend time in prayer {please note how no particular time was set}; but then resume marital relations afterwards, lest Satan tempt you through lack of restraint of sexual desire."

OTITO!! UKA AGBASAGO....Church dismissed! The Holy Book speaks for itself. So no one should come and tell me when I'm married about leaving my duty as a wife around 12am or thereabout. If we say that's when we go nack, we would do it straight away. If we say let's pray instead, no wahala, pray we shall.

Abeg I don tire to type....But I'd never be tired of talking with y' as we enjoy the Sallah holidays, take some little time out and talk with your girl Krystal on Real Talk. Kisses my darlings