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First of all, can I just ask......WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH OLD MEN IN ABUJA?? Like I've tried to be polite to most of them that clearly don't respect the sanctity of marriage, but I'd probably have to take another approach especially now that I have to always encounter this particular one. Let me gist you my story

I recently started physiotherapy on my left knee after been told an accident injury from years back was beginning to develop osteoarthritis (breakdown of cartilage and underlying bone). From my first day of therapy, I noticed some pretty weird stuffs:

1) Uncle physiotherapist for some no good reason felt it was okay to hold my hands quite close to his third leg (you should surely know what I mean if you follow my posts). I somehow wriggled my hand out and just feigned I wasn't paying attention

2) In the course of therapy, there's usually a massage session with an analgesic cream after the laser therapy; his massaging is not ordinary one. In fact I began to wonder if my knee had somehow moved to another side of my body *straight face*

3) He almost always has a "hard on"

4) He noticed I'm always with my phone; probably for fear of taking a video of his misbehavior, he told me I was not allowed to take videos and stuffs like that. I explained I needed to use my phone a lot as I blog. From then, he'd use some excuse to see what I'm doing and all...he thinks he's smart ei?

I've been quite nice you know....because I don't want to cost someone his job. I have no idea if he's been doing the same to other patients my age....but I'm totally appalled. Truth is I need the therapy and it's easier to do it in the hospital I work in (staff benefits); but this is beginning to get out of hands.
My last session was horrible. I was so disgusted. My God it felt like he was going to actually do something with him leaning on my shoulder (faking being empathetic), almost close to my face, touching my face inappropriately by saying "Your new hairdo is pretty, you look beautiful"...I politely and gently took his hands off and said thank you. I remember him going for a hug and I gave a high five (his head there. Is it me he wants to use and do chest to chest pressing experiment?).. I even refused getting a massage, lied I forgot the topical cream and someone else would help me do it at home. He was like "you know the session is not complete without it, it's like you didn't even do any physio today, bla bla" I hear. Thank you sir

I actually require a medical report from him, else I'm sure I might have kicked or slapped him or hard or done something quite outrageous (trust me I could be quite short tempered, surprised I've been this nice)....but I don't want to do something now and he withholds it. I've even considered switching hospitals but I'm not sure my parent department would recognize a report from them plus the toll it would take on me considering when I get off work, the distance and expenses.....I don't need that stress now.

But in all, it's affirmed. He's a total pervert and it's horrible that we have men like that in the health sector. It's because of this issue that I have to put on gowns to work any day I know I have an appointment with him...why? I ain't gon take off my trousers in front of a human like that who would use his job to play ten ten on my body; and there are no ward gowns oh :/

I really and truly am getting frustrated. Each time I think of my next physiotherapy session I get the chills and in my head I resolve to hurt him...or report to one of my superiors. But you guys know how these things can go right? They'd call some meeting, it would be his word against mine, they'd probably say I'm lying and then that would be the end of my therapy, I'd be blacklisted in the hospital maybe and I'd never get that medical report....

Well....there's a limit to what one can handle. Someone gave me an idea though....I'm thinking about it...I might just do it...or might not....Lord help me!

But anyways, how many of y'all have been in such nasty situations? How did you handle it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section as you Talk With Krystal ;)

Much love my darlings


  1. Wow.... Krystal this is a serious one o.... No vex but cnt u slap d man.. . I mean that is abuse. Whether he is person father or not, me I chopters not I go slap am n curse am.. . I mean how dare he.... How would he feel if someone abuses his child.... Krystal dear forget parent hospital shit.. . If en try am again, dash one tight slap, trust me he won't try it again.

  2. Anonymous13/7/16 10:13

    Lol....well, I'm not surprised u know.
    The rate at which these doctors hide behind the lab curtains to play the role of a pastor and carry out deliverance is just to annoying.
    It just doesn't make sense that, someone goes in to get medical checkup and all...but later on it turns out to be sexual healing(����)
    Please Krystal, u need to let the man know that u know wat he's up to, come out straight and tell it ain't gonna happen. If it gets worse make a video of the whole shit going down,and make yourself some money if u know wat I mean(lol)....Signing out!!


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