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(I know I know, that’s not how the saying goes, lol)

Hello Krystals! So I was wondering, when last did any of us go for a comprehensive medical checkup just to know how our body is doing? Anyone? I’m equally guilty of this *sigh*

We treat our bodies like a machine that runs day-in day-out forgetting that even machines need oiling and servicing lest they breakdown. We have this culture of waiting till things get extremely bad before we take action or find the most convenient shortcut especially when it comes to health. We notice a consistent headache and brush it off. One may have Typhoid but would never know because he/she keeps thinking it’s just headache and proceeds to swallow paracetamol everyday.

What happened to the phrase ‘a stitch in time saves nine?’ Statistics shows that the greatest cause of mortality in diseased patients is late detection. Besides the case of detection, we have those who live on ‘patchwork’. The people that fall under this category are aware of the prob…

Seat Belts: Behave Yourself & Buckle Up !

The importance of seat belts can never be over emphasized. Personally, I've been in the car many times and asked someone to buckle up, and they always go, "it's not comfortable" or "is it not for drivers ?" or one complaint or the other. Please people, this particular one is near and dear to my heart, as I was involved in a very serious vehicle accident about a year ago, and the seatbelt saved my life, it was very obvious. I mean, I know God was working, but then, He prolly worked through those damn seat belts. When I opened my eyes, the first scratch I noticed on my body was an injury somewhere across my neck to my chest..just a straight line cut. Apparently, the seatbelt injured me in the process of holding me, imagine how much force would be involved for a seat belt to scar someone. Then, you can now think of where I'd have been without the belt.

That's just me and my personal experience but then, issue of seat belts isn't really …


To some people, heartbreaks and been treated wrong is like a normal life pattern. Yea...many are used to being hurt that they tend not to want anything better. Let me explain.

Now let's use this short story to approach the issue at hand:
A certain young lady, quite beautiful, has had her fair share of bad relationships. Like if you can think of the worst scenarios in a relationship, she's probably been through them all. And it was like the cycle kept repeating itself over and over and over again. When each relationship ended, it'd feel like "yet another one bites the dust". Her love life had been one quite sad one, until someone incredible came to break that cycle of pain and distrust. She had never really known true love like that, it overwhelmed her sometimes. Now here's the messy part.....she sometimes ached to be treated the same way she was in previous relationships. Yea, she kept saying the current guy couldn't be that perfect, he had to have some …

The Need For Coca-cola, Pepsi And Big Cola To Include Labels For Burning Off Calories

I will like to take this topic a bit personal because of the alarming rate of type 2 diabetes in Nigeria. Although it may not look too cool for some organization but on the other hand, health of vulnerable Nigerians must be highly considered. Today I would be focusing on soft drinks/beverages and fizzle drinks.

No doubt, the scorching heat in Nigeria today will definitely make you very thirsty and desire to take a refreshing drink (soft drink), in order to regain your energy or to refresh your tastiness. You can even dare to take two bottles of soft drink (50cl X2).
Individuals have different drinking habits, some folks will always dilute their soft drink with water, some cannot finish a 35cl soda drink while some can go on 100cl soda drink. Based on this fact, every adult should be responsible for their health related issues which resulted out of drinking or eating habits.


The World Health Organization reported that the number of adults with the diseas…

Throwback photos of Uche Jombo and Funke Akindele

The lady, Patricia, shared the throwback photos of the actresses from way back...

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NDLEA investigates the arrest of 3 pilgrims in Saudi Arabia over alleged drug trafficking

Chairman/Chief Executive of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Col. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah (retd.) has ordered investigation into the arrest of three Nigerian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia in connection with substances suspected to be cocaine. 
Abdallah who expressed disappointment over the unfortunate incident constituted a panel of inquiry headed by the Director of Operations and General Investigation, Mr. Olugbenga Mabo to immediately investigate the incident adding that the Agency will address the situation with every sense of seriousness and urgency. The Agency had also deployed more investigators to all the screening camps nationwide. In a press release yesterday, August 26th, the NDLEA boss said,
"Narcotic smuggling is criminal and the involvement of pilgrims is utterly reprehensible. This is unfortunate and we are working very hard to get to the root of it. The Agency is handling this case with every sense of seriousness and urgency because this …

Richard Branson almost killed after horror bike crash

Virgin tycoon Richard Branson was left fearing for his life after an horrific bike crash this week.
The businessman was cycling with his two grown up children on the British Virgin Islands when he hit a hump in the road.
He says he was "hurled over the handlebars" and left thinking he would die.
He says his life was only saved because he was wearing a helmet.
But the nasty crash left him with a badly damaged knees, chin, shoulder and cuts all over his body.

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Minister kidnapped ,beaten to death by striking miners

Bolivian deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes, 56, was killed on Thursday after being taken hostage by workers who had blocked a major highway in Panduro, around 160 km (100 miles) from capital city La Paz. Officials said he died of blows to the head.

According to AP ,the workers were demanding more mining concessions with less stringent environmental rules.
Illanes had traveled to Panduro to negotiate with the miners. His body was found in the early morning by the side of the highway that connects La Paz with the city of Oruro, wrapped in a blanket, said Edwin Blanco, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation.
"The cause of death was basically bleeding in the brain. Ribs were also broken," Blanco told reporters.

Morales said the protests and Illanes' death looked to be part of a "political conspiracy rather than a legitimate social claim" made by the miners.

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Elderly man eaten alive by four dogs(Photos)

Four  dogs dragged an elderly man under a fence and then ate him alive.Michael Downing, 83, was barely recognisable following the horrific attack.

The savage dogs reportedly escaped their owner's yard, grabbed Mr Downing as he was putting rubbish in the dustbin, and pulled him back under the fence to their lair.

The owner of the beasts, Lephus Felton, says they must have been provoked - but now faces having them put down as well as criminal charges .

Eddie Edwards, who found Mr Downing's savaged corpse, told News 4 Jax : "That's a horrible way to go.
"I couldn't imagine being mauled to death - it don't look like something you want to see.”
Mackenzie Partin, who was with him when he found the body, added: "He was eaten alive." However Mr Felton said his dogs are trained to protect his home and wouldn't attack without good reason.
He said: "He had to be antagonizing my dogs to be pulled under there ... even the police say, because h…


An angry dad allegedly crushed his daughter's beautiful £10,000 Audi with a mechanical digger after 'catching her in it with a boy'.
Mike Card reportedly got behind the controls of a massive digger and smashed it into the roof of the red sports car.

Although the exact details of what his daughter Ashlyn is alleged to have done are not clear, her brother Kaylor posted the video to Facebook with the caption:
 "Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY " All I can say is Brandon Anderson won't be in this car anymore!
 Daily Record

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Cool Fm OAP Freeze dispelled rumors carried by Miss Petite Nigeria Blog and instablog9ja about him getting fired due to feud with Basket Mouth.

MPN blog had released a supposed exclusive, saying that Freeze was fired from Coolfm following a throw back picture he posted of himself with Basketmouth's wife. Here's what the blog wrote:

"Popular on air personalityIfedayo Olarinde, better known as Freeze, has been fired by Cool FM.A source told Miss petite Nigeria , this was a result of his last controversial post where he shared aphotocuddling ace comedian  Basketmouth's wife whom he referred to as an old family friend ..
According to my reliable source, Basketmouth who didn't react publicly was instrumental to his sack and at the moment, Freeze is begging his employers to reconsider . He has since deleted the post about Basketmouth's wife but apparently, the damage had been done as many found the post distasteful despite his long standing public beef with the comedi…

'What I told EFCC about Diezani' – Dauda Lawal

The Executive Director in charge of Public Sector at First Bank, MallamDaudaLawal, has revealed what he told the Economic and Financial Crime Commission when he was detained sometimes ago.

Lawal, in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday, said that he was actually questioned about his relationship with a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs.Diezani Alison-Madueke.

He said it was true that his “name has featured prominently in the EFCC investigations of Mrs.Deziani Allison-Madueke, the former Minister of Petroleum Resources under the government of President Goodluck Jonathan”.

Lawal also said he was “questioned by the EFCC over his alleged role or complicity in the alleged $25m acquisition of the Le Meridien Hotel in Port Harcourt.”
He, however, denied the allegation that the former minister channelled the funds for the purchase of the property through him.

Lawal said,
“This allegation is malicious and without substance in any material particular. It must be stated clearly that Law…

Dying man spotted at dustbin ground in Yaba has been taken away in an ambulance (photos)

For the past 6 days, a dying man was spotted abandoned and unattended to at the dustbin ground by the fence of the Yaba College of Technology. The LIB Eyewitness who sent in photos, has now given an update. Along with a friend, the authorities were contacted and an ambulance was taken to the scene. The man has now been rescued and transported to the hospital.

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Adoptive parents of Ukrainian man, 23, who posed as a high school student and had S*x with 15yr old girl, face fraud charges

Stephayne and Michael Potts, the couple who adopted a 23 year old Ukrainian man Artur Samarin, that later posed as a high school student, are facing criminal charges after it was revealed that they used him to take about $13,000, worth of medical assistance and free food in Pennsylvania, even when they knew his true identity as an illegal immigrant.

The man, Arthur Samarin who called himself Asher Potts, is also accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl while in high school.
According to ABC News 27, the couple also knowingly made false statements to the Dauphin County Assistance Office in Pennsylvania in order to get the public handouts. Asher Potts was known to his classmates as a hard-working intelligent student who impressed his teachers but it turned out he was posing as a high school student and was in the United States without a visa.
The couple haven't been arrested, but are due in court on October 6 as they each face two counts of fraud. Samarin early t…

Ekiti state Assembly propose 6 months jail term for herdsmen who graze their cattle on undesignated area

Fulani herdsmen who graze their cattle in areas that are not designated for grazing will soon be sent to jail for six months without an option of fine. This is according to a new bill titled 'Prohibition of Cattle and Other Ruminants Grazing in Ekiti, 2016' that was passed by the Ekiti state House of Assembly on Tuesday. The legislatures at their plenary unanimously passed the law.

The bill presently awaits the accent of the state governor, Ayo Fayose. Speaker of the House, Kola Oluwawole, while speaking on the proposed law said;

“If the bill is eventually accented to by the governor, it will now become crime for any cattle, sheep and goat to graze on undesignated land for ranches in Ekiti". Part of the new bill reads ″Anyone found violating the bill upon conviction shall be sentenced to six months in prison without option of fine. The Governor shall by an order designates land in each of 16 Local Government Areas in the state in respect of which Cattle o…

Tiwa Savage Is Pretty In White

Tiwa Savage who is still in New York following her deal with Roc Nation looks very pretty in new photos she shared

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Girl lists Rules as her boyfriend jets off to Ibiza without her

A young Lotto winner has shown off her list of rules which she gave her new boyfriend just days before he flies off to Ibiza on holiday with his mates.
Jane Park – who has herself called the list of rules "psycho" warned Connor George not to "speak to girls" ,take photos,get a secret tattoo or even make eye contact with girls while on the party island.

The 20-year-old - who scooped the £1 million Euromillions prize at the age of 17also gave him a t shirt with her face on it  which reads "If you are reading this - you are too close to my boyfriend".
Checkout her rules below

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