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Yet another Nigerian man takes it in the Butt

David Ukre-Umukoro, a young Nigerian man got married to his hearthrob yesterday, July 30, in Rochester, New York.

David a full blooded son of Warri soil in Delta state, wed Eric T. Shoen, in a small wedding at TILT nightclub in Rochester, New York.

On the morning of their wedding, the excited Eric also shared this: “How to start your wedding day: 1. Forget to grab a towel before showering and leave slippery wet footprints all over the house (made me giggle and good thing I’m the only one here) 2. Try on your tux and realize that you have your fiancés pants that will definitely not fit you. 3. Drive to hotel to switch pants and forget breakfast is in the oven. Return to house with crispy but edible breakfast. Embracing it all with love and laughter. Today will be amazing. I get to marry the most amazing man.
David and his groomsmen

The couple have both added each other’s surnames to their names, with David bearing ‘David Shoen-Ukre’ and Eric bearing ‘Eric T. Shoen-Ukre’.

O di egwu o! Here's to a pain-free butt hole in the future...sigh