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You definitely aint seen a wedding like this before. NFL player DeAngelo Williams took his wedding theme to a whole other realm, reenacting Walking Dead

The NFL pro took his fandom to a whole new level on Saturday, July 23, when he had a Walking Dead–themed wedding at the Peabody in Memphis, Tennessee.

“I’m a huge Walking Dead fan,” Williams, 33, explained in a video shot by ESPN. “I wanted to do engagement photos of us being chased by zombies and we didn’t have time because it was during season and we didn’t have the opportunity, so [my wife, Risalyn] was like, ‘How are you going to pull that off?'

Williams had professional makeup artists on hand to transform him and his wedding party into zombies. As he explained to ESPN, he wanted his big day to be fun for everyone.

His bride, Risalyn, was surprisingly on board with the concept. “He didn’t have to convince me,” Risalyn told ESPN while clad in her wedding gown and fake blood. “He really had to convince the bridesmaids, and then he said they had to do it because they’re bridesmaids.

Maybe i will try Karishika theme for my wedding oh😩